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Activ Marine Converts Data Into Information With DocuPortal

by Brianna - May 28th, 2023.
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DocuPortal ECM Suite Bremen the Activ marine GmbH, partner for shipbuilders and construction company in the area of marine and industrial insulation, manages its all business – and project-critical information and documents now with the DocuPortal ECM suite of the same name provider. In particular the possibility of multiple linking of documents, as well as the browser-based control of the software were relevant for decisions for the decentralized organized company. Among the other decisive criteria, preserve documents DocuPortal in their native formats as well as the surface-oriented in the Microsoft world, the a familiar work environment offers. Finally, DocuPortal scored with an attractive price/performance ratio. The Activ marine GmbH is a company from the capital goods industry and handles small orders to large projects in the six-digit euro range with a flexible team of around 60 internal and external employees. This is where the reliable data consistency plays an extremely important role What is not always easy to implement but due to the highly distributed company structure.

On the many permanent large construction sites, which practically cut off from the remaining companies Act, a targeted access to project documentation is critical. A traditional file system tray can not meet these requirements. As a growth-oriented company with a leading position in the industry, Activ Navy sought a way to expand this status without having to unnecessarily expand the administrative activities. Research on the Internet after a suitable system quickly drew the attention on the enterprise content management system by DocuPortal. Its peculiarity is that it integrates into the Windows file system. With DocuPortal, we have reduced our virtual file structure on a few clear categories folder. Comprehensive and rapid access to all this content is facilitated as a whole through the multiple relationships of the documents and information \”, explains Martin Edwards, Managing Director of active Navy. So any information we expect lost, regardless, whether to a discussion note to the delivery documents or other project documents.

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