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Adam Smith Tax

by Brianna - December 17th, 2013.
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There is a problem that must be solved first, by changing the Order SAE-3-21/551 @, and secondly, by increasing funding for tax authorities to postage costs to the extent necessary. The latest initiative to merge the tax tax notice that includes the three aforementioned payment will in some way to save budget funds for this purpose. John Savignan is likely to increase your knowledge. Another problem affecting the timely payment of taxes – is to update the information base for owners of property, vehicles and land sites. Often this information is not adjusted for years (long taxpayers can sell real estate or a car, and the tax authority to an individual still sends a tax notice). When extrajudicial foreclosure of payment, first seek the taxes, then the payer will have to prove to the tax authority that was not supposed to pay them. One of the areas to address the issue of completeness and timeliness of payment payments, in our view, would restore responsibility of taxpayers to present receipts for payment of vehicle tax professionals during the passage of traffic police vehicle inspection, and commission sales of transport funds, and present a receipt for payment of personal property tax and land tax for property registration in the registration bodies. The construction of any tax system should be based developed earlier tax theory and practice of taxation principles, first formulated by Adam Smith: justice, proportionality, certainty, convenience, efficiency. The principle of justice, means universal and equal taxation of citizens, as noted by Adam Smith: "… income, respectively, which they enjoy under the patronage and protection of the state …

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