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by Brianna - June 22nd, 2017.
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But generally offer flats or expensive, or not where it is necessary. And publish the coupons can be a day per phone. And so we’ll guide you a) buy as many coupons b) We ring all his friends, relatives, colleagues, friends and ask for permission place an ad on their phone. Desirable that mobile phones were, since missed a call, you can lose a great option. c) Fill in the coupons of different texts, but with the parameters of the desired apartment. Its parameters You can embellish. For example, in one write what you banker, Russian, from Moscow, with his wife, without children and animals, and another businessman – to withdraw their elderly parents’ apartment in a decent area. d) Share coupons with different phone numbers into two parts. One you’ll post in one day, others in another. One phone, two days in a row can not serve ads. e) Go to the nearest collection point for the coupons and throws blanks in a special box. Everything. 4-5 days will see your ads and owners will offer you my apartment. A small summary:

The test I used the 1920 phones, throw in a drawer for 10 coupons per day for 5 days. Result: Costs – 350r. (Remember: Commission agent from the U.S. $ 350). Call – 28 (I think only those who offered an apartment in the right area for a reasonable price). You decide to use this method or not. In the meantime, turn to the second method: Method number 2 posting ads. Method a little more complicated. But I brought it to perfection, so you can quickly (1-3 days) to find a very cheap apartment in the right area, at a cost of 300 rubles. When it comes to posting, just seems bag stuffed with leaves, clothes and hands in glue, a long hike around the houses in the frost or scorching heat. And a huge number of ‘competitors’ of the agencies, constantly disrupting your work No. It’s not for us. We need easier. Then, step by step instructions. a) Going to the nearest print shop and order a small stamp or seal, with the text ‘renting a flat for himself’ (no longer fit) and your phone. b) On the way to and from work stop at all bus stops, subway stations, in fences, etc. where have pasted ads. c) Put as many prints. d) receiving calls from the owners. Summarize: with the press drove from Altufevo to 3 hours. Rubber-stamped everything where it was just a little space. When away aside, that would evaluate their work – I was horrified. My ad is only a blind man would notice. People – curious, is suitable – read. First apartment looked the same evening.

Calls were pieces 20. Options rather cheap. Even for 200ue offered in the settlement of the North. Method number three Boards. Simple way, but a lot of ads on these portals leave the same agency or private realtors, even on sites with paid access to the ads. But all also, there are sites where the free, where a much more frequent ads from private owners. The best in this respect, in my opinion, the site Within an hour I found 3 suitable options, taking into account the location and price. In two options were still agents of what transpired during a telephone conversation. Went to the third – a decent, affordable apartment. Lovely lady, absolutely not willing to work with agents (!). Summary is: Cost – 0rub. (Used the Internet at work).

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