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Applied Computer Science

by Brianna - June 16th, 2012.
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Applied computer science the solidary nets if of the one from internetou for digital half putros. The incorporation of technology of information is an adequate form to the management and productive expansion of the solidary nets. Rank that the net needs ways qye allows to the agility and connection of the production cells, permitndo the participation dr members of the net in the decisea of new cells, or in the productive priorities. Aspects of implementation of the nets the first step to consolidate this construction has left of the estimated one in commanding, one registers in cadastre of the unemployeds of city, this must associates in ccoperativas for region, as its place of housing, magnifying of the consumption cells, deep creation of a solidary one, at last amongst as much other elements, valley to detach that individual productive actions? as the case of one lady who works in house as dressmaker, assisting in the maintenance of the expenditures of the home, can be considered productive units and can be integrated in net. Therefore everything what if it requires for implementation of a net is the solidary contribution in this case mere the consumption and the solidary work.

Leaving of what already it exists, the domestic production of the bread, pasta, soap, clothes, the creation of birds, the culture of hortas, these activities are auto-sustainable in some cases leave of the initiative of the ONGs, churches and groups of international solidarity. Short-term, the implementation of the nets will be only one form to create ranks of work for the popues sxcludas for the capital, being guaranteed to them a condition elementary to survive worthy with its work. In the near future when the small ntercmbios nets to locaispassarem to keep i with more distant nets, carrying through the beginning of the aggregation, the model of the net will start to accomplish themselves as an alternative form in the perspective of changes in the economic development for the descapitalizados and dependent countries technologically, tending to fortify them each time more. The net needs local, microregional, macroregional standards and world-wide in the diverse spheres, ainad will have to attempt against to the ecological principles, preferring power plants you renewed and recycling of materials. , Still inherent the nets are pertinent to detach that the intervention of the State is not necessary, even so to be come close to occur favorably, confer greater speed to its development. The proper organized society, has conditions of raising resources and mobilizing themselves of form to search the development, growth and expansion in the nets of solidary contribution;

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