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by Brianna - March 10th, 2014.
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To to be able to exploit the high depreciation rates, the Office for protection of monuments must approve first renovation. Construction measures consideration is to suppose that the facade is retained in their appearance. Also, no significant changes to the building structure must be made. The refurbishment to improve the energy efficiency however is possible to a certain extent and can be financed through Government-sponsored loans. The costs for renovation can be rented objects over a period of up to 12 years completely off, so that resulting in potential savings in the tax. Also self users can save taxes and write off the costs of maximum 10 years up to a 90 percent share of. Architectural monuments are a valuable investment as Monument protected estate are recommended, because renting additional revenue generating investment.

Renovated old building is popular among tenants, so that the objects is usually a Full rental and rental apartments are only a short time on the market. Also, the tenants are willing to pay also a higher rent, if the real estate can also convince by their location for the upscale comforts of a restored monument. Due to their property the property can be used as assets also as inflation protection. The rental and purchase prices rise with the rate of inflation, so no high value loss must be feared. Monument real estate is only limited availability, so that in the future the demand is higher than the available supply. A property can also be inherited within the family and provide financial security for several generations.

Listed real estate in Berlin and Leipzig currently represent an opportunity due to their comparatively low purchase prices to finance a capital investment and to benefit from the developments on the real estate market in the future. More info Andreas Schrobback, born at Berlin high school, commercial training in the banking industry. Since his training at the Dresdner Bank, monetary systems fascinate him. Real estate, in particular monument objects, exert a special charm here to initiators and buyers. Due to his experience in investment, capital investment and real estate business was the creation of a company that is focused on the shopping, planning, as well as on the rehabilitation of real estate, a logical step.

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