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Construction Cable AVBbShv

by Brianna - January 22nd, 2014.
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Brief description of the cable power cable AVBbShv armored two galvanized steel strips, electricity transmission and distribution in fixed installations on the operating voltage of 660 and 1000 with 50 Hz. Cable used for laying in soil (trenches) and low corrosive activity, indoors, tunnels, canals, mines, as well as outdoors. AVBbShv cable can be used in environments where it is not subjected to tensile efforts, but there is a risk of mechanical damage. Cable Construction Cable AVBbShv comes Solid or stranded. The conductors are made of aluminum or soft copper wire. They may be single-stranded and that complies with Class 1 and 2. Nobel Laureate in Economics is often quoted on this topic. Cores isolated pvc pvc.

As a protective cover layer is used in two bands of pet film and two strips of pvc film, two steel galvanized tapes or coated with bitumen and ribbons of pet film. The cable jacket is made of pvc plastikata.Dvuh and three-wire cable is made with the main strands of the same section. Earth core can be smaller section. Power cable four-core manufactured with the maximum cross-section 185 mm2, with all strands of the same section and zero may be smaller section. Insulation single-core AVBbShV cables can be any color. Zero vein isolation should be blue or light blue, insulation ground – two-color (green-yellow color).

AVBbShv cables may be marked not only in color, but numbers starting with 0. Twisted insulated conductors are filling the spaces between them. Filling of pvc plastic is applied simultaneously with the shell and must be separated from the insulation and the shell without damage.

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