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Credit Committee

by Brianna - December 13th, 2016.
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Stringent requirements in the dress code of course not, but do not forget that the employee, inter alia, of psychological portrait of the client, and if you are supporter of the informal movement, that may affect the decision in your favor. Banks are eager to see among their borrowers of people engaged in intellectual work ("white collar workers), punctual, neat and tidy. So try to make such impression. Consider possible dialogues, questions that can be given to you, and answers to them. You must clearly understand what you go to the bank and what you need. The fourth stage – getting approval. Thus, the documents you have passed, with an expert to talk to. Comes one of the most exciting time – waiting.

What is happening out there in the lobby of a bank? A occurs following. The employee repeatedly checking the documents provided by you, is sewn into the folder (loan deal or files) and sends checks to the security service, the staff that checks you in one of the famous canals and waterways to the involvement of you to professional gangs, professional prosecution, professional business, various other offenses, accuracy and authenticity of the documents you. Check if you work, where indicated, whether you specify the address and phone really. Have you previously taken and not returned credits. After that, if yours do not have any violations, the case is transferred to service financial analysis.

There underwriters (financial analysts) are beginning to calculate what your actual income, how stable do you feel in the labor market, in fact on the basis of their analysis is necessary to draw conclusions about your financial stability by 5-10 years. After that, based on the conclusions of security and financial analysis of the case is transferred to the Credit Committee, which makes the final decision on granting a loan or refusal. Credit Committee – is approved by the board of the bank's top managers responsible for taking decisions on granting loans. Well, here came a nice time – the approval was obtained, and the bank is ready to provide you mortgage loan. Where to go from here? And talk about this in the next article.

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