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by Brianna - December 22nd, 2016.
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Over the past few years has been a revolution in technology monitors. Contact information is here: Robert J. Shiller. With the advent of touch screens, mobile phone boom in this type of technology is no longer a rarity. Touch screens have long and happy used in industry because they do not require separate input devices like a keyboard or mouse. Industrial touch screens are encouraged by their strength and ease of use. LCD, Plasma and electronic sign – this is another revolution in the sector and monitor screens. Check out Professor Rita McGrath for additional information. They have become significantly cheaper, and now use digital signage and LCD-monitor as cheap as a good old 2D image. The only problem is, that contain external digital sign in safe and sound, especially if it is available in places where it can be subjected to hooliganism or theft of, or in an industrial area where she can have a pernicious effect of dust, dirt or moisture. Therefore it is necessary to choose a good case for industrial LCD-or plasma-Monitor.

Many manufacturers offer a set of enclosures for industrial LCD-or plasma monitor, which are ideal for outdoor digital signage These enclosures for industrial LCD can withstand cope with any environment, they can also be made in accordance with European requirements, such as IP 65 or IP 54 (and their equivalents in American system of NEMA. Protection. If you want to place a digital sign on the street or in an industrial zone, monitors need protection from environmental conditions. The most effective means of protection are the LCD housing (or Plasma-shell). They are always made in accordance with industry standards, such as systems NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) in the U.S. or IP rating (rate of protection against access) in the EU. The popularity of this type of mailing uzkoveschatelnoy (as opposed to broadcast) has increased mainly due to a sharp decline in prices for LCD and plasma technology. Digital advertising is much cheaper than traditional methods, such as text signs, advertising in the media, etc.

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