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Exclusive Partnerships

by Brianna - August 4th, 2016.
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WARNER BROS. CONSUMER PRODUCTS enter exclusive partnerships for TWEETY PROPERTY known Cathy Guetta and Warner Bros. \”Tweety by Cathy Guetta\” in the fashion sector WBCP launch exclusive partnership cooperation with Selectiva Announces also S.p.a. for Tweetys cosmetics debut LONDON, in October 2008 no matter whether in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Hamburg, the Tweety brand has now reached a tremendous degree of popularity in Europe. Now two new partnerships were announced on the brand licensing Europe 2008, 2009 and in addition further to enhance the success of the brand in the year. Tweety is the epitome of all that is cool now. In an international study of the consumer, by Warner Bros. was conducted in the spring of 2008 in 10 countries, and Tweety at the top of the popularity of the respondents. Source: Jerry Speyer.

The Canary is popular among adults in France, Italy and Spain particularly and very \”sweet\”. Now, this popularity is further strengthened, since France music size and A celebrity Cathy Guetta along with Warner Bros. Consumer products which will draft \”Tweety by Cathy Guetta\” collection of exclusive fashion and accessory items. In 2008, Tweety is in addition with a perfume and makeup line by Selectiva s.p.a (also the cosmetic brand Aquolina are responsible for) finally conquer the cosmetics world. The new series will be presented fair in October 2008 in Milan and Cannes at the tax free World Association, the market introduction at an international level is already in planning. \”Tweety by Cathy Guetta\” at the latest is each a term since her marriage with DJ David Guetta Cathy in France. Despite their international success, she has remained however refreshment of course. So Cathy lends her temperament and her style of Tweety now brand with \”Tweety by Cathy Guetta\”, an ambitious product line, which should appeal to fashion-conscious young girls and women aged 15-24 years. An extensive creative programme with new logo and an exclusive style guide was created in support of Tweety by Cathy Guetta\”, which is tailored entirely to the new fashion line.

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