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Flos At Euroluce 2007

by Brianna - June 25th, 2011.
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The Italian lighting manufacturer Flos appeared on the international lighting fair in Milan Euroluce with a surprisingly fresh stand design. Noble and elitist in the past, presented in Milan rather Flos-earth. The new design Flos lamps convinced, however, to just under 1000 square meters exhibition space all the more fresh and unconventional design approaches. Particular attention was this designed by Marcel Wanders pendant lights “Skygarden. Large hand-hemispheres, the diffuser on the inside as a floral, antique plaster ceiling comes along. When asked how he came up with the idea for this lamp replied Marcel Wanders: “In my old apartment I had a beautiful old stucco ceiling. It was my garden. I had to nurse him and he was always there for me.

When I moved, I took him along. “Philippe Starck is known for his works again and again to its products and mixes them with each other. The result is the new lighting collection K Tribe. He took the shields of his Romeo and Miss Soft K lamps, put it in a fascinating dialogue with empty shelves of polished aluminum and created more timeless Flos lamps. In the field of technical lighting Flos working together for several years with the prestigious Spanish lighting manufacturer Antares. The goal was design-oriented lighting fixtures under the aspect of high functionality to generate. The products sold under the brand Flos Architectural products have their applications in the field of shop and office lighting and outdoor.

Since the focus by Flos in Milan was on the living room lights, light from this segment, only the revised lighting collection Compass Box was shown. This adjustable ceiling-mounted spotlight to offer ideal for lighting of public areas such as exclusive hotels or meeting rooms. Flos presented itself again this year as the market leader with a distinct design philosophy. The design world can look forward to some new, beautiful design lights.

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