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Holiday Until September

by Brianna - December 16th, 2013.
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Imagine that I’m going on vacation! While leaving behind the unpleasant news of the son of the Moor that allows a blue March accompanied by the usual publicity of deaths. He has already forgotten how his father did and the example that came up with the so-called Green March, in which waving American flags even and thus ensured the arrival of all summoned and there were no victims, but times have changed. I am a place with low technology, low power, many natural resources and much will solving the logistics of the zone. I’m going on vacation! It is not going to get the printed paper, there will be no computer screen and mobile phone batteries have been exhausted, thus transcendental to understand information this civilized world does not see it to have until you return to my people. Nobel Laureate in Economics may also support this cause. Although facing what I reported at this beautiful village, I am left with the impression that the only thing that will change is the mirror image when I see once again has returned. Do I’ll be bit younger or a little? more old? The smile and the eyes probably will have not changed, but if the memories that bring with me. I’m on vacation! It is a living without knowing what pass beyond the surrounding self. A learn to survive under the law of nature that does not forgive the intruder any careless and the minor despiste leaves one a mark as a souvenir. These are my last written words that are recorded in the computer until they finish my vacation. And provided that the above! want that it survives to low technology, low power, many natural resources and much will solving the logistics of the zone but I’m afraid, is the logistical problem not zone, but the recipients who do not want to share or undermine their privileges.

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