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by Brianna - December 12th, 2016.
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Second, note and mortgage, if necessary, the estimates so-called constructive complement the wooden double-glazed windows: the window sill, canopy and low tide. Sill – simply wide wooden board. Mounts at the level of the parapet in the balcony. Sill – not only an element. He still makes it quite accurately fit the balcony designed that it had no gaps or cracks. Visor – galvanized sheet iron, which are fixed at an angle outside. First, it fasten to the top of a wooden frame, and then together with the frame – to the concrete ceiling, balcony.

The resulting gap is filled with foam (foam sealant designed to heat, noise, damp-proofing). Remember, if the visor will not necessarily rain water seeps inside. The price for this pleasure – from 100 to 130 rubles per meter. Treatment of foam – another 250 rubles. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nobel Laureate in Economics on most websites. Ebb – peak of galvanized iron, set at an angle from the outside, but on the level of the sill. He also needed to protect the structure from moisture.

Running meter tide will cost 80-100 rubles. However, as told by a secret specialist if you have been visor, you can easily do without reflux. It is clear that gager, dishes financial interests of the company, you will not tell about it. Third, the gap between the glass and wooden euro-windows must- treated with silicone sealant. For the processing of sealant on the average have to pay another 300 rubles. The following procedure, from which can not escape – impregnation of wooden construction bactericidal agent (35 rubles per 1 sq. km. m). If you do not, balcony, window frames rot, otsyreyut and lose its original appearance. Fourth, the extra money is worth your understandable desire to increase the internal volume of the balcony. This service is also available. Wooden windows on the balcony at the window sill, or endure, as it were on the street at 10-50 cm, but will have to separately pay from 280 rubles per meter.

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