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Interior Decoration

by Brianna - May 21st, 2012.
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In the children's room cottage the motto of registration should be a focus on the creation of "natural" environment, the so-called "ecological style". Can be hung from the ceiling of child models and toys depicting the fauna and flora – butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, cones (spruce and pine), acorns, walnuts, chestnuts, dried flowers – heads down. On the shelves in the children can put the shell (sea, river and garden of snails) Image (toys, sculptures) of the animals – cows, dogs, frogs and cats. At a certain age content design changes, but always by the way, nice and cozy to be seen, for example, the herbarium under glass and under, collected by the child. "Natural" style of some of the furniture children's room also serves to create an artistic image of the world surrounded by nature, a child's life.

Children's benches, chairs, tables of untreated preparations, stumps, logs once again underlined the natural environment in which the child lives, in contrast to his urban home. Bark with wooden parts are not clean off. This gives the furniture, "forestry" exotic fascination for the urban child. Children will be very appreciate such things in his room. In the long room are bright and vivid in color and interior stuff must be connected to the gaming area. That part of the room, which functionally designed for rest and sleep a child should be somehow separated from the playing space and decorate it should be a more soothing color scheme. Pictorial stories of child bedroom can be linked to images of the night, stories, sleep, and are designed in close together, a little mysterious, "soft," a little "fuzzy" terms.

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