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by Brianna - January 28th, 2014.
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Some fell into alcohol and drugs. For more information see Robert J. Shiller. Others channeled the change that occurred in them through very positive projects that consolidated their lives. One of this latter group was Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who founded the Noetic Sciences Organization (Organization of Noetic Sciences) in an effort to corroborate the phenomenon of human consciousness. For even more details, read what Robert J. Shiller says on the issue. Another astronaut undertook the search for Noah’s Ark and ended up finding it stuck in the ice of Mount Ararat, exactly where the Bible said it would be (1). Wynn: So the aforementioned implication is that these astronauts, due to having left the Earth’s magnetic field, have had some kind of spiritual awakening. Gregg: they certainly went through a catharsis when they were not under the influence of the magnetic field of the Earth. We see that also something similar happens when we observe the magnetic fields of the Earth.

His presence on the surface of the Earth is not constant, and available curves of the United States Geological Survey maps show varying intensities of magnetic fields on the Earth’s surface, where they are a very high intensity and where are of a very low intensity. Those fields have been changing over time and could actually give an account of why human populations migrated to the places that did. They have due go following these magnetic contours. What happens is that in very low magnetism workplaces, where the fields are practically invaluable, seem to produce innovations and tremendous changes. Where the magnetism is traditionally high stagnant sites are where the changes, in spite of produce, they take a long time and then come very slowly. If I came here from another world and knew nothing about the people of the Earth, and you were looking for a place where the opportunity for change would be maximum, I look for zero value curves. And if you look at a current map of the magnetism of the Earth, find a curve of level zero that runs along the West coast of North America, rising along the coast of California until the Alaska. In other words, the magnetism along the West Coast is almost nil! When we think of the West Coast, we think of the crazy California.

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