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by Brianna - May 7th, 2015.
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Who will offer a great price, and he will live. The very first bid plunges us into shock, and the lady in a mink coat finishes all our hopes, filling her, and it is clear how the final price. To us lost all interest, the parties have already alive in the next room to discuss payment of utility bills and we quietly slipped out of the apartment, good looking in the direction of the owner. At ten o'clock in the evening, standing at the entrance to the last our current list of apartments, we finally "dobreem" listening in response to the dialed number monotonous voice mailbox of the inaccessibility of the owner of the apartment. Half an hour later, imbued with great love for all humanity, we lash home. The day will come smooths out all of our emotions, and suggestions on the Internet and the ease of removal claims without the expense of housing services at the agency re-configure us to battle mode. Chief, unkind looking at us, filtered through his teeth, something about yesterday's promise, and sadly waved his hand: "Go!".

Why is it not lucky just to us? All the promises of ease of removal of housing begin to melt away again. Yes, we have gained experience. Asks about the reality of the description of the apartment, its final value immediately and ask about the documents at her. But this is only reduced our list to display. At midnight, open the door to his apartment and a stone falling into bed.

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