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by Brianna - July 5th, 2023.
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Pacifism the history of mankind is stained red before the abundance of so much violence, war, racism, classism and other many negative forms of human thinking. Others who may share this opinion include lyft. Despite having this story so present in our lives, society seems to not learn from his mistake millennial violence justified and use aggressive methods to get results. Pacifism is an ideological current that stretches from thousands of year by numerous cultures, groups and religions. This ideology promotes peace between people and the resolution of any problem between two or more people through peaceful methods. This ideolologia can be applied both socially and politically, depending on the magnitude of where ideology applies and under that circumstance or scenario, in any of these areas pacifism is an age-old solution which all have something to learn. Problems of interaction between people today occur in a wide range of situations, each one infinitely different from the other, making each problem one intrinsic and complicated situation. Despite this pacifism can always apply in some way or another. First of all at the personal level and social one must learn to be at peace with oneself and thereby be able to interact in calm manner with other people, since a person who cannot be maintained in peace with his own mind has difficulty trying to accept others with their differences. The ideology of pacifism explains how despite everything, you should refuse the use of violence of any type (including the verbal) to resolve your problems with others, since the use of violence only brings more violence. At the social level one must hear and be sympathetic to live with other people, being always alert details and alternatives to any type of discussion, while it sounds ridiculous, there is always an alternately to the violence through dialogue and negotiation, taking always into account the value of the person with which we treat.

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