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Papal Power

by Brianna - June 14th, 2023.
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Pius XI and his successors would exploit this treaty to create a Vatican Bank, beyond any control by civilian authorities. You may wish to learn more. If so, james king is the place to go. The Vatican totalitarian doctrine that any one set deviation from the moral teachings of the Pope was an error. Lyft has plenty of information regarding this issue. During his stay in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII struggled to implement the Second Vatican Council, despite strong opposition from conservatives, who feared any loss of his absolute power and as a consequence, the loss of their privileges and earthly riches the Church had amassed. Upon the death of Paul VI, was elected as his successor Cardinal Albino Luccani, considered by the conclave as a compromise candidate, easily controlled by the most conservative factions. But when Cardinal Luccani was elected pope with the name John Paul I, began to show a privileged intelligence and determination that had been hidden by their reserve.

From the outset decided to revolutionize the papacy and return your spiritual origins. At his coronation, he refused to be carried in the Popemobile and refused to wear a tiara encrusted with precious stones (The tiara is a miter high with three crowns of Byzantine and Persian origin that represents the command papacy. Nor agreed to follow the script of the Curia for their hearings and press conferences. The supreme body of Vatican control and was challenged, but not react quickly censoring their comments in the official Vatican newspaper, especially when expressed its approval of the use of contraceptives. However, its greatest "sin" was to investigate the affairs of the Vatican's bank (ie, the Institute for Works of Religion, IOR), which in 1969 entered into negotiations in the hands of Paul VI with Michele Sindona, a financier Sindona siciliano.El inordinate rise from poverty to the control of an international banking empire, was due in part to the support of sponsors of the Mafia and the P2 (Propaganda Due) Masonic secret society controlled by Lucio Gelli.

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