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by Brianna - July 9th, 2016.
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For cutting external threads by hand use special tools – die. Round die is designed for tapping low accuracy in one pass. Working part of a circular die has at both ends of the cutting (Fencing), the elements that allows threaded, as one or the other party. Since the die has no liner, for its installation and fastening on the outer surface run jacks, which include fixing screws, Pincher to die. Richard LeFrak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To exit the chip to perform the chip dies holes or slots, whose number for threads with a diameter of 2 to 52 mm ranges from three to seven. Die 4 with special notches 6 in the attached 5 or knob three or four screws, depending on its size and operating conditions. One or two screws 7 are used for fixing screws, 1 and 3 to sustain and compression dies in regulating the size After cutting the jumper.

Decompressed die with a screw 2. Dies are mounted on driver with an additional guide ring 16, which helps maintain direction to the cylindrical workpiece 12 (bars pushers molds and screws, pullers stamps). In the inner part of the holder has a knob handled rectangular window with the embedded prism dies. On the side of the cage set screw 15, clamping dies 9, during operation, and the sides of cages housing screwed two handles 13 to capture his hands.

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