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Police Buildings

by Brianna - September 10th, 2018.
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Almost all of them were built in the early 20th century, after the restoration looks very good, but in the restructuring were not made the necessary engineering work to improve the stability in the event of an earthquake. With the acquisition of such buildings should first pay attention to the fact that reconstruction was implemented after 2007 and it officially endorsed and approved the action to increase the strength. Time 1971-1987 years. Differed primarily those that were built multi-storey panel buildings in the cities, we have received the name "Khrushchev," and the archaic houses in the villages. From an aesthetic point of view of panel buildings can not cause any sympathy. But reliability and security they are also in serious doubt, as the concrete that they used was not the best quality and already began to come into disrepair. Most of them have not been subjected to major repair and examination of 30-40 years. Moreover, in the 90s in most of them had made a reconstruction and rebuilding without any engineering approvals and payments.

All this puts their safety on a par with the previous time and no harm will often think before buying anything like that. Village houses in actually very slightly different from the previous time, which of course does not increase the consumer mood. The last decade of the 20th century. What and how were erected during this period, it is not verifiable. In this regard, buy some property in Bulgaria, built in this period by no means impossible, unless of course you do not want to play "Russian roulette" in Bulgaria.

On a civilized market Bulgarian property is permissible to argue only against the buildings erected in the 21st century. In fact, only in this period were performed regulations adopted in 1987, which provided the necessary level of safety and reliability of structures and buildings, although even then responsible for building the structure carrying entities, which are often completed its production activities or other reasons. For these houses you will always have the opportunity to ask for the approved project with an indication of the strength of buildings. Real earthquake resistant houses were built in the country only after 2007 and possibly buy them without serious misgivings. Due This was primarily because design engineer was held personally liable for any facility. It is important that documents all phases of construction must be stored and tested in district administration. Of course, this applies only to the stability of structures of buildings, exterior and interior trim control is not covered. Currently, the Bulgarian parliament is actively discussing further enhance personal responsibility of designers, builders and supervisors, as individuals, with the seismic resistance of buildings and tightening of the provisions of the construction of the Bulgarian real estate. We consider even the introduction of Police building. Perhaps the new legal regulations will operate in 2012-2013. That will bring the Bulgarian construction industry at the European level of reliability, but at the same time it's hello to an increase Bulgarian real estate construction costs by 30 percent or more.

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