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So Paulo

by Brianna - December 2nd, 2012.
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This volume of recycled material can be tripled, but for this they are necessary two-way actions: to motivate the population to separate the reciclvel of the organic garbage and to extend the qualification and the conditions of work of the catadores (collection instruments, has carried and storage, as well as intermediao in the sales of these materials to the industry). 1. catadores or recicladores: A FIRST PROFILE OF THIS WORKER According to Brazilian Classification of Occupations, catador or collector is the worker who ' ' it collects all type of material that can be reaproveitado, as cans, plastics, papers, glasses and alumnio' '. Many times this worker if organizes in cooperatives, collecting material in condominiums and companies. The collected material is separate for item and vendido the recycling companies. The first actions of these diligent ones were dispersed, without dialogue with other professionals or with the society in general and the collected material &#039 was vendido; ' deposits of sucata' ' that they intermediated the sales of these products, being with good part of the profit for the executed work. These workers who needed to submit the owners of the deposits to survive had been little by little if organizing and from there he is that they had appeared the majority of the associations and cooperatives that we know currently.

At a first moment, these workers made the collection door-the-door and, armed of wagons pulled for they themselves, they loaded tons of material until the separation points and sales. The agreement of that the volume of the collected material was necessary to guarantee better conditions of sales, took the diverse associations and cooperatives to a dialogue that was the starting point for the sprouting of the Cooperate-center. The dialogue with the Municipal City hall of So Paulo made possible an alteration in the logistic one of this work. At the same time where the paulistana society was being acquired knowledge of that it would have to separate its garbage, the City hall disponibilizou some trucks to make this retraction and yielded a land where the material separate and is resold.

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