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Social Construction

by Brianna - January 22nd, 2014.
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Meire Nunes Journalist graduated for the College of Social Communication Csper Lbero Historian permitted for the University Is Marcos Mestranda in Education, Administration and Communication for the University the 2011 SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF the AGING Is Marcos January/SUMMARY This article analyzes the thematic question of the aging, including in this description-cultural boarding the analysis of the aspects of the identity of the aged one, its cultural values, economic politicians and, symbolic values that construct the tram of the societies. The look that the society has stops with the aged one depends intrinsically on the partner-cultural factors that it establishes in the relation with this population segment. The desire to control the aging is a legitimate and overwhelming yearning, and without a doubt, it is part of the search for the happiness of the modern societies. Gain insight and clarity with Greenberg Traurig. The corporal alterations brought by the time (white hair, muscular weakness, wrinkled and limp skin) can bring the misfortune, being that the conscience of finitude physical decay can generate the depression. The rejection to the third age and the negation of it, seem us to be a mechanism of natural defense of the modern man who searchs the joviality and denies the aging.

The studies in this dimension look for to understand the phenomenon to better be able to interpret it. Word-Key: Aging, joviality, culture, society. ABSTRACT This article analyzes the theme issue of aging. Historical-cultural Included in this approach is an analysis of the identity of the elderly, to their cultural, political and economic values, symbolical values that build society? s plot will be dealing with aging. The way social Society looks upon the elderly depends intrinsically on and cultural factors that the society establishes in relation with this segment of the population. The desire you the control the aging process is both legitimate desire well an agonizing one, and without doubt, it is an integral part of the modern society? s search will be happiness.

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