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Social Integration

by Brianna - February 13th, 2014.
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Thus we define our strategy of image and we construct a sustainable competitive advantage. 1.7 – The Direction of Company 1.7.1- Resume of the Directors Fabiana Cristina Uglar Pin Lawyer, formed for the So Paulo University? UNIP in 2006, with specialization in Financial management, Controladoria and Auditoria for the Getlio Foundation Vargas, acts in office Hisses and Castrates Society of Lawyers since 2008 in the area tax. Josinaldo Inor de Counting Oliveira, serving public in the control area and finances, consultant of budget, management and planning of private company, operating in the real estate market of the Federal District. Juliana Blacksmith Cavalcanti 15 Accountant, formed for the Pioneering Union of Social Integration? UPIS in 2008 is employee of the Federal government saving bank since 2004 where it acts as attendance supervisor. Expert on growth strategy is the source for more interesting facts. Marcelo Angelim Counting Britto, specialist in atuariais sciences for the college business-oriented European of the Sorbonne university? Paris IV acts as analyst of economic-financial planning in the coordination of Planning, Budget and Management of the Federacy of the Industries of the DF. Thiago Gomes To sound Counting, graduated the University Center Unieuro, with specialization in Financial management, Controladoria and Auditoria, acted per seven years in the most diverse areas of the Sabin Laboratory, greater clinical laboratory of Brazilian center-west, had the chance to live deeply and to improve practical of Planning and Quality control; Operating in Accounts Pagar, Accounts Receber, Purchases, Controls of Patrimony, Archive, Inspector and with prominence in the sector of Accounting in which per one year it exerted the function of Countable Supervisor; since 2010 he is Partner President of the TWG Countable Solutions, company specialized in auditorship, countable consultoria and accompaniments; currently it plays the function of Countable Coordinator of the company Cedar Participation and Enterprises, Holding of the Enterprise Group Sarkis, that engloba since civil construction, incorporations, renderings of services the mining. 1.7.2- Functional responsibilities of the Directors Monthly are carried through meetings where the data and excellent information of the sectors are presented all keys of the company as: Marketing, Financier and Technology and I from there broke it the directors of YOU S/A define the value of prices to be applied, how much to apply in promotion and propaganda, investments in research and development, amount to produce, amount of employees necessary and its remunerations, etc. .

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