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Sunblinds Construction

by Brianna - April 3rd, 2014.
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Cool Chamber for NRW politicians by tracking awnings politicians need if possible cool heads, and should let them dazzle even as little as possible. Room climate experts in political decision-making can now change rather little, but for more on the climatic conditions in the political sphere”. So, the Chamber of the Landtag in Dusseldorf got a new Sun protection system from the home Colt international this spring. Moving fins bring shade, prevent glare from sunlight and optimize the energy balance of the House. External solar shading fins more than 20 years it’s been, that the Member of the Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia are retracted into the Parliament building on the elbow of the Rhine in Dusseldorf. Transparency and openness characterize the extravagant building complex.

Six semicircular buildings of part of are grouped around the circular Chamber and take on its form. So currently the architecture of the building complex of the 1980s is also: the internal connection of Sun protection system of the Plenary Assembly Hall had come in the years and met neither the today’s requirements of functionality, yet the demands of a contemporary economic, energy-optimised and low-maintenance operation. Colt international built external sun protection system therefore designed a new exterior customized plate facility, which blends into the roof of the plenary Assembly Hall the architects of the State Parliament, the Office of eller & eller from Dusseldorf, together with the professional planning firm DREES & summer from Stuttgart. As a partner for the construction and installation of the sunblinds system Colt prevailed in a public competition International. The company has the necessary experience for the pretty tricky situation in this project: the round roof of Chamber circular, each different sloping shed built that are spread over five levels. The shed are fully glazed, in all directions. By radially arranged carrier, the roof is in Twelve segments divided.

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