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Tempo Down: Entschleunigungs Seminar From 23 October

by Brianna - February 16th, 2019.
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Hamburg coach loads with new workshop to come down, centering and switches make a Hamburg, October 4, 2010. If the work / life between meeting, Smartphone and phone conference rubs up, only pace helps slow down. The Hamburger shows how that is possible in everyday efficiency-oriented, coach and personal trainer Holger Schmidt in his new Entschleunigungsworkshop on the 23rd and 24th October. The workload is steadily rising in almost all occupations. Permanent availability, instantaneous electronic communications and the pressures of economic crisis help. Additional information at Professor Rita McGrath supports this article. Already between 1997 to 2004 increased the number of cases of disability due to mental complaints of according to nervenarztlicher society DGPPN by around 70 percent. Personal trainer Holger Schmidt now opposes the impending burnout syndrome in his current workshop a conscious dealing with expectations and self-perception. Its participants will learn specific techniques and instruments to the slow and down driving in the course.

In exercises to the self-reflection he wants to make people more aware, physical, psychological and social signals not to ignore but it as a basis for a sustainable design of everyday life and relations in private and professional life to use. The workshop is aimed not only at stressed-out Manager, but to anyone who wants to improve his quality of life in terms of a better work-life balance. “With career success many people lose the reference to the own needs gradually in a relaxed and meaningful life”, says Holger Schmidt. “Instead of reflection and reflection the most common reaction is the frantic search but then for opportunities to bring even more performance in even less time.” It is this vicious cycle to break, to come back to more quality of life, stresses Schmidt. This must is Center of modern man, are again himself searching the drive, instead of to work constantly only among the many influences of its surroundings.

Even certain dealing with the own resources and opportunities is no career brake contrary to the widespread view. Rather protects many economic mistakes made the reasoning thus obtained and systematic examination. Holger Schmidt is convinced: “who centered shaped his life and even decides when he wants to drive what speed, gaining sovereignty and security in all the decisions.” The two-day workshop on the 23rd and 24th October starts at 10: 00 at the Institute of Medosophos, slide 11a, in Hamburg.

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