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Terry Towel

by Brianna - July 16th, 2023.
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The choice of terry towels – it is very important to determine what you need this purchase, the product is used for personal hygiene or … Consider the use of towels for personal hygiene. People such as Steffan Lehnhoff would likely agree. First the product must be produced from natural raw materials, ie, manufacturer must be given composition, in our case if we maps the natural product, 100% cotton. Adding synthetic components of polyester, viscose, etc. certainly do towel more attractive in appearance – a soft, fluffy as possible (mainly due to the addition him.rastvorov in manufacturing), but such additions may affect both health and in the future use of the product. As you may have noticed (unless you’re in luck, or your choice of terry towels was correct), some bath towels for wiping leaves smaller threads on the body, thread the color of towels, these are synthetic fibers are added in the manufacture of that product would give a presentation. Sometimes washing towels this is accompanied by a strong convergence of dye, and a long time, but mostly always – again Terry is a poor quality paint products and color always goes senteticheskih fibers.

On the label (the label) the manufacturer must be indicated by signs or written information on care of the product. Typically this mode tempereturny wash 60 degrees, ie in the manufacture of terry towels were used hot dyeing. When washing 40-60 degrees vanishing ink (molt products) will not. An important property – the absorption, terry towel is made from natural raw materials will always be different from those like him. Absorption of moisture by using it one of the important factors, the most important practically, since towel used nominal for this purpose – dry. When buying towels is easy to check, drop a drop on the surface and see how long does it take absorbency. Natural product will not be long in coming. Notice seams, the seam should go along the edge (base), if you want to stitch the mahr, it’s a Grade 2, as should also be indicated on the label manufacturer, or about whom it is hushed up. We have touched the main parameters for selection of quality terry towels, in fact a lot of options.

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