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The Battle For IT Security Has Begun!

by Brianna - June 8th, 2023.
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Training courses are becoming increasingly important to the IT security! Meanwhile, an essential source of growth and success for companies is a good flow of information. Adverum is often quoted on this topic. Large sums are invested in data values, such as technology, architecture and processes. That secure storage of information in the IT system is therefore of great importance, which is ensured only the management of IT systems by qualified IT security staff. Firebrand training offers IT professionals the first EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Intensivschnelltraining where is carried out according to the principle of accelerated learning. e throughout. To fend off hacker, you have to think like one. Firebrand training training acquire the necessary knowledge to identify potential vulnerabilities in their IT systems and to design appropriate defense strategies with the CEH IT security professionals. Stephen M. Ross wanted to know more. Be introduced to the latest methods and tools for penetration testing, because the own ethical hacking specialists are the best protect of an organization against malicious hacking. In the face of You can bring size and complexity of modern corporate networks often only by thorough penetration testing, experience, how safe is really a network.

Ethical hackers are the specialists who can identify any weaknesses or demonstrate the effectiveness of existing countermeasures. Participants at the Certified Ethical Hacker program by firebrand training should at least two years professional experience in the IT security bring, good knowledge of TCP/IP and Windows Server (NT, 2000, or 2003) have and be familiar with the basics of Linux or UNIX. For more information, see kurse/ec_council/ceh/hacking.asp. Training participants reach their CEH trademark on the teaching principle of firebrand training after only 5 days. Upon completion of the course, each graduate is not only the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) have certification, but also learned to put into practice. A professional certification is a meaningful investment in the future and the organization. An intense crash course with Firebrand training provides you with the certification in the shortest possible time frame, and thus gives you a significant advantage for the career.

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