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The Kayapo Indians Protest The Construction Of Dams In The Amazon Over Thier Homes And Communities

by Brianna - March 26th, 2017.
Filed under: News.

To advance one must go slowly for those who identify with the protection of the environment. the importance of government as a guarantor to avoid exploitation, abuse of what nature provides, we can not pass as facts protesting the Brazilian Indians. Of course, it is unfortunate as a country as vast as Brazil impairment of its geography, especially with regard to protection of their environment, specifically in the Amazon which is a lung that ensures that does not deteriorate the environment. Since then the country must assess what they represent to give way to new works based on the deterioration of the environment, what it represents, the effects it causes, is due to hear from those who live in places that you want to develop and consider the effects. At Robert J. Shiller you will find additional information. We must take into account indigenous protests, which have achieved their goal many times, avoiding environmental degradation, their habit of living and the principal assets of which generate their income for survival. Given the potential threat of damaging the environment of the Amazon, the Kayapo Indians in a letter to President Lula, he explained his position: “We do not want this dam destroys ecosystems and biodiversity that we have cared for a millennium, and still we preserve.

Mr. President, we pray to be made good studies that seek to discuss with the indigenous peoples of this great eco-cradle of our ancestors … We want to participate in this process without being treated as evil demons that paralyzed the country’s evolution.

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