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The Panakas

by Brianna - November 15th, 2016.
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Why look at them with disdain for being outside the Panakas, all the women of the Panakas were to be aimed main women of the Sapa Inca or secondary. Secondary schools were the most warlike and brave, because they accompanied his Lord in all wars that had with other Nations. Educate yourself with thoughts from The LeFrak Organization. She didn’t want to be primary, as he would have to stay in the Holy City to the needs of the panakas and wars, part that could not be beside their Lord would be lost.Thus grew and reached the date in which the sapa inka should choose who would be the coya of its new panaka, that founded a new one for Yes. She It was already a woman throws and right with much strength in his hands. He had known all the skills of handling weapons in attack and defence.

The ceremony of preparedness the maidens of the panakas was summarized in a principle with a fast of three days, in which only chewed sacred corn that is harvested in vilcabamba in the lands of the Sun. So she did and already on the day of the presentation, they wore it with the most delicate tender Vicuna wool clothes so you have the same level as the Apu Sapa Inka Raptin, that in terms of clothes that were destined for the panakas in the zone of the andes. Until I get the day, but she wasn’t very sure of wanting to be the Coya. Once carried the Coricancha, miro seated to the Inka raptin future partner sitting to great Sapa Apu Inka Yupanqui, ruler with your hard and powerful voice that was afraid of this. So he decided to not become the main and ran out of the great Hall. To which Willak humu Pro-Nuncio who was a bad omen, both for the people rulers and foreshadowing that was the end of the great nation, because perceived that a few wiracochas bad to teach evils and assassinate and destroy the entire nation would come. Why he banned all the runes to assist Chami Awqasisa. She then rolled across the nation, becoming a sullen person until converted into a large hill in the nation of the Cullies, I assure you that in those lands would be born the son of the new condor to forgive the affront made to the son of the Sun. Nobody knows which is this Hill, because they say that there is a great treasure and that only the true son of the condor find it, to restore the Nations of the world of Rune. Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui original Autor and source of the article.

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