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by Brianna - November 7th, 2013.
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At the same time savings are part of the financial resources that operate in the form of a store. The state becomes the manager of the household income is not due to direct transfer of the value and the owner of the unclaimed until a certain time equivalent material. In each case the credit provided by the State population, short-term nature, but Overall it is a constant by the continuous renewable source of additional income. Rational motives education savings can be divided into three groups: the desire to provide for themselves in future, for example, after the savers in this very pen, creating additional funds for children, relatives and others, education contingency needs, etc. The savings of the population of the first group but usually take the form of deposits in savings banks, bonds, government borrowing, to a lesser extent – the conclusion of contracts on a mixed life insurance. For the purposes of the second and third groups, as a rule, the savings are in the form of contracts insurance, term deposits in the Savings-banks and government bonds. A special form of savings in the current conditions is certified as a special type government bonds, are placed among the small and medium-holding researchers. The certificate may act as a certificate of participation in the loan and the right to receive the bonds.

In our republic the certificate is being developed as a written certificate of deposit bank funds, certifying the right to receive the deposit amount and interest due. Peculiar form of duties is a stock – a security svidetelst a feasibility of introducing a certain share of capital company and giving the right to a portion of profits as dividends. Natural or legal person may be a party to a statutory fund of a joint venture by making a regular amount to the fund. Income obtained as a result of joint activity shall be distributed between the founders of this company in accordance with the statute. The current stage of development of our society is characterized by deterioration of the material position of individual segments of the population, insecurity, inflation and the spiraling increase in prices. It forces people to seek other forms of savings, investments, vat in real estate, the banks at interest, exceeding the inflation rate in the short-term activities. Personal savings of the population given a certain specificity, allow us to state expected that growth properly used to finance investment spending the state budget. John Savignano will not settle for partial explanations. The projected increase in the value of savings may be regarded as a source of financial resources of the state, which is consistent with the recursive nature of each contribution Savings, insurance company, etc. As a source of financial resources of the state act placed the population state loans and equity created by the state joint-stock companies.

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