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by Brianna - December 21st, 2012.
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Biquinho is a dog of the race bass of color golden caramel, docile and very joking. In the truth the name is Simba, was thus baptized by my son, one day when it needed to absent itself asked for that I took account of cachorrinho that then he was with 8 months of age, the Biquinho nickname lode almost that by chance, I taste very to work with wood, and one that I find beautiful and fascinating is the Bicuiba. Without perceiving I started to call the Simba bicuba as if it was comparing it with all the qualities that I way in this wood. Biquinho is very active and adores to play, but it leaves what it happyer it is to hunt. It adores to run behind whom if he puts into motion, to have an idea when it does not want to eat is alone to moor one cordinha in its pratinho of ration and to put into motion, soon, he moved with the brios of the Biquinho. It although to little age already it exhibits a beautiful curriculum of hunter, where taruras of wall consists 4, 5 camalees, 12 grasshoppers, 8 rats of culvert, 6 pigeons illed-inform in the yard, and a infinity of cockroachs. Certain day my sister I asked for to leave the Biquinho to pass one days with it to clean the house of the cockroachs, therefore it exactly has terror of cockroachs arriving to run of the house when she sights a cockroach. Certain time when biquinho was for there it sighted a cockroach and was alone to cry out ' ' Bico&#039 cockroach; ' that biquinho ran jumped daqui there pra and already it with the cockroach in the mouth came.

The times I am asking itself, poxa say that the animals are conditional to make the things as if it makes with the robots that they obey a programming, but biquinho makes as many things is of the program that the times I imagine that it is thinking on account proper. In one of some days that I am observing the behavior of it I perceived what for me it was drop d? water in mine suspicion, biquinho was same thinking on account proper, it caught the water canister that was dirty full of ration pieces knocked down close to my feet and even pushed with the snout on my feet, as to show and to demand that I changed its water for a clean one. It is not for there, as it knows that always I ask for that it eats the ration all time that I come close myself to it, perceived that all time that I arrive next to its casinha it threads the snout in the food canister and is digging the ration as if it was eating, but to only deceive me therefore it only moves for there and here. Another day, I was still more surpreso with the Biquinho, after it to hide a bread piece that I had given to it, hid below of its towel, I I removed and I played outside finding that it did not want more food, however for my surprise it started to run and to only cry stopping when I returned with the bread piece for underneath from its towel, without saying the day where the Biquinho made hunger strike until I to come back with its cadeirinha where it passes most of the time looking at for the yard that I had taken off due to space. I find exactly that it is thinking.

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