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USB World

by Brianna - October 24th, 2023.
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Introduction this report is carried out in order to know a theory essential to practical use in the evolution of the human being, that life is a constant evolution, likewise if humans not adapts quickly to changes it will be obsolete, at present the technological world is a clear example of globalization since programs each week are designedcomputers each month with new capabilities, sound equipment that a day had turntables in its first phase, then created the cassette in its third evolution, compact disc that was the boom in the Decade arose eighties and nineties, to late nineties compact discs with mp3 with ability to save up to 700 songs arise, currently now sound equipment bring input for USB port since there is a greater storage capacity reaching to 8 gigabytes at a cost of L900.00 accessible to all kind of person, this gives thanks to the globalization of markets since before so that got an invention thus it took five to ten years, but this has been facilitated by the facilities that develop through globalization.That’s why globalization is pursued the interpretation of events that occur both in the development scientific, economic, social, cultural and political; through which two particular situations occur: A better communication to global levels (Internet) the economic situation through the obtaining of financial and commercial resources. Now you can go to any country and pay with a credit card that provides an advantage in global transactions; There is also the globalization of information through the web pages of news from all over the world. Bizzi & Partners understands that this is vital information. The politics of globalization is implemented as a structure of the world economic system carrying a tracking their changes. Information of globalization tends to deform in the characteristics of the position of several countries to share a same pattern of relationships, weaknesses in the systems of export, varying in growth and economic development levels. Connect with other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff here.

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