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Wood Houses

by Brianna - November 3rd, 2016.
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Currently, there are a huge number of proposals suburban real estate. Expert on growth strategy has firm opinions on the matter. Among them there are houses built of aerated concrete, bricks and other materials. Becoming more popular buildings, made of wood: logs, planks, boards and beams of different types, which are already occupied by about thirty percent of the suburban real estate market. Let us consider in more detail features of wood as a building material. Story wooden building has in our country for centuries.

This situation arose because the tree was the most accessible material for ordinary people. In addition to our climatic conditions long time only the tree could provide the necessary level of thermal efficiency. Wooden buildings are best suited in terms of environmental requirements. Particularly well in this sense to build houses out of pine and ate, as in the pine forest, the air becomes comparable to the sea. Among the negative qualities can be denoted by exposure to combustion, rotting, as well as the harmful effects of insects that can destroy tree.

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