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by Brianna - April 10th, 2019.
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Enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the peninsula of Zingst after it was not accessible to the peninsula of Zingst for tourists from West Germany for decades, she has become after the turn of becoming a popular tourist destination. Robert Shiller is full of insight into the issues. The ways to get a comfortable apartment in Zingst, have also expanded. Since 2002, Zingst is officially an East Sea Spa. In the East of the peninsula of Fischland darss-Zingst, Zingst’s the Baltic Sea. A holiday apartment in Zingst is easy in this popular destination. Long the Baltic Sea as a destination for the summer is popular and the Darss is exciting especially for nature lovers. The peninsula in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can be witnessed particularly relaxed from a holiday apartment in Zingst and travels. Make a comfortable day trip to the beach or visit Poland on the other side of the border.

Dinner then return to your apartment Zingst. You have to stand up only from the breakfast table of your village apartment and are already located in German history. The Theologian and resistance fighter Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died in 1945 in Flossenburg concentration camp, headed the Seminary of the Confessing Church regime here on the Zingsthof in the early years of the Nazi. He met here on Gerhard home, a pastor in Zingst, who was also active in the resistance. He survived with good luck the end of the Nazi regime.

The Zingsthof on the Bonhoeffer lived temporarily was probably not so comfortable like your apartment. He is thought today for the public accessible, in the Bonhoeffer-Chapel is its in the modern era. The Zingsthof is still a recreation home of the Berlin City Mission. For example, the port of Zingst is other attractions you can visit in the vicinity of your apartment Zingst. Here, you can admire the old traditional ship Mona Lisa and eat comfortably fresh fish. Interested in the diverse landscape of Zingst, then start your day from the holiday apartment Zingst in the Osterwald. It is the largest forest in the region and inspires visitors with its impressive, ancient forests. In the East of the peninsula, also a visit to the Sundischen Meadows is worthwhile. A visitor centre informed of the renaturation of the Heath and Feuchgebietes, today to the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft belongs. A further spectacle of the region is the so-called High Dune, which is up to 14 metres high and can be visited by Pramort out. Culture and experience is provided also in the Zingst. Visit the Museum with his Pomeranian Exchange or surprise your children with a visit to the Experimentarium. The Museum was opened in 1991 and the charm of one of the old captain’s houses of the region. No wonder it was but once as captain’s house built in the 1860s. New, however, is the Experimentarium. Up to 30 interactive experiments and games invite children to try out and experience. Electrical engineering, optics and mechanics are playful here presented and explained. For what kind of activities whatever you decide. Even before the trip you can through the booking of a holiday home in Guarantee recovery Zingst. Whether for family or friends: an apartment Zingst offers space and relaxation for everyone. There is nothing better than after a day out in the fresh air in your own four walls to come back and put your feet up?

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