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by Brianna - January 12th, 2019.
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What are the windows in houses and apartments and what they are? How important are human, wooden, plastic and aluminum windows? Why at different times in different cultures and different peoples windows were and remain very important element of the architecture and even a sacred symbol in literature and art? In the world there and there are so many different cultures and types of windows immense. But, for all the infinite variety of forms of windows, it is for all of us one. This – the natural and the most profound symbol of our consciousness, laid before the birth. And even as a child in the first picture the house appears crossover two lines of the box. The etymology is assumed that the word 'window' comes from the word 'eye', which is Indo-European roots, that is found in almost all world languages. Communication window and turns clear, and not only in Russian. In this sense, it is interesting to note the etymology the word 'window' in other languages. In Ancient Greek box referred to as 'door'.

In Bulgarian, it means 'prozorets'. English window in its primary source is translated as 'wind-eye' – that is, an outlet, which corresponds to architectural forms of the time of formation of language. In French the word 'lunette', which translates as 'circular window, peep-hole' but at the same time – the moon. That is, for us, 'window' – the eyes of the house. Window – it's part of the house. Home for man – it's his universe, his world.

And the window is for us a symbol of the sky, the sun, a symbol of communication with the outside world. Not accidentally children paint the window as the face or eyes at home. The ancient Slavs hut was a model of the cosmos. The house was layout of the universe, the earth – the floor, the sky – the roof, the country of the world – the wall. In pagan mythology, the representation of the universe was like a 'mansion of God' with the Sun – the celestial eye, which is consistent with the mythology of the house with a window. In the villages, very often can be found on the shutters image of the sun or the sun to the eye, and sometimes imitated the shape of the windows the eyes and the sun. Initially, the window of the Slavs came out into the hall, and when they came to focus outward, it was surrounded by heavily magic ornaments and carvings, as a symbolic link to the world of the dead was carried out through the window. It becomes clearer communication windows with the idea of death, if we recall the etymology of the word 'window' (window – the eye) and the representation of sleep and death as closing the eyes and of death as sleep. Only in Russia has its own unique form of existence of windows: frames of wooden houses and neo-Russian style.

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