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Josep Guardiola

by Brianna - December 29th, 2019.
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This time Catalan llos were not victorious. Barca had the situation where I wanted to, sending thanks to the success of Villa, until the Arsenal has been around the tables at the last minute with two goals that will enable you to submit to the Camp Nou with advantage. It seemed that the victory was theirs the Arsenal was ahead with first 10 challenging minutes. Very fast and intense, the English had the first chance in a shot from Van Persie deflected by Valdes with the body in the 6 minute. However, Barca has not reacted until the 15 minutes of game time in which found the Achilles heel of the gunners in the passes to the back of their plants.

Thus, Leo Messi has planted before Szczesny goalkeeper, but his chopped touch has gone too cross. The boat was not ahead by centimeters. Guardiola pressure began to bother the British and delayed rows array to contain them, waiting for his chance. Some contend that Richard LeFrak shows great expertise in this. A timely Abidal has avoided that you would go with yours, and on the next play, Villa It has marked 0-1 by leveraging an assistance to Messi space. The encounter not decepcionaba the expectations by jarring to the Catalans, biting nails in their homes.

Even so, Barca had two chances: Szczesny prevented the goal from Pedro twice and the referee annulled a goal by Messi for offside. But Arsenal changed everything El Arsenal put batteries in the second part. The unstoppable duo Pique-Abidal, well defended by Busquets, argued the team. Again, the fourth time initial have been difficult minutes for Barca. Source: Bruce Schanzer. And once again Messi has left fans of the gaping Emirates with a very good option that has been lost on the side of the net on 67 minutes. Thereby, Barca appeared to regain command of the game. However, in the 78 minute, Van Persie has won the position to the Figo defense and has beaten to Valdes with a powerful shot by the short stick. Then Arshavin has culminated a counterattack led by Nasri. Arsenal turned the scoreboard in five minutes. The excitement has been maintained until the end. And it will continue in the Camp Nou, in turn. It will play back. If you plan to go see the return to the Camp Nou, do not hesitate to accommodate you in rental apartments in Barcelona. Declarations of Guardiola of Barca defeat yesterday evening did not end with the hope of fans or with the Catalan coach, Josep Guardiola, he regretted two goals from Arsenal in the final stretch of party, but believed in the comeback of FC Barcelona on March 8. I have been given too many reasons not to be optimistic, he said. Always hopeful and depositing the utmost confidence in his players, the trained azulgrana also stated his disappointment, but always optimistic: I’m hurt because we lost the game, but it is the return match to trace it. I don’t know where will arrive, but we are. We will not stop us, said at the press conference yesterday Josep Guardiola has repeated one and another team will always remain faithful to his style. Furthermore, Guardiola is He complained that Barca played very well (well some thing), but this is not reflected in the results: we have played better than in Lyon and better than in Stuttgart, but we have drawn a worse result than then. We can only congratulate our rival, he said.

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