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Minimalism In Interior Design

by Brianna - May 15th, 2012.
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Minimalism in its various versions into fashion periodically. But at different times in different countries, it has its own characteristics. So in Russia 20-ies emerging constructivism and functionalism, whose motto was: "Create utilitarian things that are pure design." Minimalism of the time took the character of nihilism, where luxury and excess "krasivist" thing was considered a bourgeois relic. Appeared easiest furniture strict geometrical forms. And the only "decoration" in interior design served as campaign posters.

In Western Europe, minimalism came into vogue a little bit later in the 60th years, in response to a glut Traditional pompous luxury interiors for the upper and middle classes. First, in post-war society, the production of household goods and decorations developed in a big way: people are compensated for the adornment of the interior mention of hard times adversity. Then came a period when luxury furniture laden interiors could surprise a few, but the original steel: the rejection of superfluous decoration, simple shapes and colors. In our time minimalism – this is more philosophy. Society began to wonder about the possibilities of a global ecological disaster, emerging trend of a return to traditional environmentally friendly materials – wood, glass, metal.

Essential in creating the interior in a minimalist style is well-planned space, in which a lot of diffused, quiet light, when it appears to glow very walls and ceilings, lots of air. To created a sense of breadth and space, space as possible free from internal partitions. The color palette is based on the game tones, a lot of white, graphically underlined by black and gray. Palette complement the natural tones of wood, brick, metal, glass glitter. Using simple natural materials, usually rough with the rough texture: bricks, concrete, wood. Simple shapes and lines, is practically absent decor on windows and walls. Zoning is taking place with the color of sex, translucent fabric or glass with lights in the walls, floor or ceiling. Lamps are simple in form or do not see them. On the windows – just by the form of blinds from transparent fabric or metal. Forms of furniture are also simple: sharp corners, no plastic lines.

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