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by Brianna - April 12th, 2019.
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Pandas generally good flight and transferred successfully through a period of adaptation in a specially built for them a huge three-storey house, aviary. A housewarming pandas were treated to their favorite treat – sliced apple and shoots of young bamboo. Animals spend a month in quarantine and will be brought to zoo visitors 25 January – New Year's Eve on the lunar calendar. It is expected that they will attract there annually to 6 million tourists. Rare tropical fish washed ashore the North Sea normally inhabit the warm waters of the sunfish was found on the North Sea coast in the Netherlands last week. Fish-moon length 1,2 meter found near Dutch town of Katwijk local fisherman, clam. The huge fish was still alive when it was found on the shore. However, when the place came to office finds help animals, rare fish was already dead.

In December these tropical fish come into the temperate latitudes, but very rarely in the North Sea. Learn more at this site: Nobel Laureate. Experts believe that the resulting sunfish hit the ocean storm, and was submitted to the Dutch coast by sea currents. Larvae and juveniles of this species swim like normal fish, but adult sunfish – a bad swimmer, not able to overcome the strong current, so most likely discovered the fish, the moon near Katwijk and skidded over so far from the usual habitat of this fish. Ten most important events of 2008 in the field of ecology as a rule, at the end of the calendar year, many news agencies remember important annual event, and publish their own versions of key events for the year.

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