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by Brianna - April 13th, 2019.
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No longer a secret that is currently available real estate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and in any other major city can not afford not everyone. Yes, and others who have the opportunity, very much thinking, and By the way, they are right: the real estate market economy class is in crisis, and the statements of real estate agencies and lenders no one sane person not credible: all well aware that it is unlikely someone will cut the branch on which ourselves and sit. In recent years, credit institutions also lack the credulity fellow citizens: at a relatively high yield real estate investments you might think about a mortgage, However, even an uneducated person clearly understands that he gave the bank interest on the loan he is unlikely to compensate for rising prices. Dell usually is spot on. Realtors and banks are afraid of falling prices as hell incense: it immediately leads to the sale of investment apartments, which in turn will mean more price reductions. Frankly, the fall in prices has already started in the early years, it's even given us more inflation. Formally, the property prices like how to keep the commitments they bar, but is actually flat rather rapidly depreciate. Disadvantage of buying an apartment in a private property becomes apparent, a simple man begins to consider options such as bed and breakfast or apartment. Realtors and banks are well aware of this, for this reason they have a task: the price of rent must be such that buying an apartment with all its absurdity was cheaper than renting.

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