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The Cause

by Brianna - July 23rd, 2011.
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Do you doubt the certainty of the conclusions of the sociologists, and believe that kind of morality is more influential in their lives or those of your friends? Did you find you obstinate, dominating individual security, or see more frequently the predominance of the desire to be accepted by the group, the smooth, tailored and safe mentality of conformity of social morality?

If you agree with the descriptions are true, the next, they have questions concerning the cause of the phenomenon. Why put aside the ideals that inspired the founders of America? Apparently the business special interests are the cause of everything, because in their desire to increase profits have tried to stabilize its workforce, leaving nothing to covet. Other than that, the increased ease of travel is the cause, because members of one living in a mobile social physical world is always changing, and because they can not find more will follow in a home village, they find it emotionally complete acceptance of the organizations to which they belong.

Some writers have tried to find different explanations. For example, Aldous Huxley, suggested that the development of science is the cause. Science in itself is morally neutral but continues to give us control over nature and people, without giving us any understanding of the purposes for using this control.

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