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by Brianna - September 30th, 2016.
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glass arrows. Battery life is directly connected with arrows. How? It's very simple – the more the weight of the shooter, the more effort is spent clockwork, and so will consume more electricity. Therefore, the arrow trying to make out of lightweight materials: thin plastic (does not bend, it looks exactly, but it breaks down) and aluminum (bend – the only drawback). It should take into account the weight of those who watch orders for advertising with their logo. Not very It will be convenient if you ordered the watch stops after a week, is not it? The only advice is to buy a digital scale …

and to discuss with the manufacturer. And do not chase the big, wide arrows at the top of the dial! Dial. And again … The first criteria – material. What materials are not only used for dial … paper, paperboard, foil, plastic, wood, ceramics, metal! Material depends on the design hours, but you can still give some advice when choosing. Hours of paper or cardboard dial can not be used where there is moisture: bathroom, kitchen, balcony, veranda, sauna. Such a face warp after a few days.

Watches with metal and wooden dial can hang only by a properly secured hooks. Over time, the weight of hours will do the dirty deed. Watch dial with a film best to hang out there, where there is no direct sunlight: Dial eventually burn out. Manufacturers do not use film at face protection from the rays. Expensive. The second criterion – readability. If mentally discard the design tricks and look at the clocks from different angles and passing closely, what do you see? That's right! In 80 cases out of 100 is nothing. Or almost anything: painting, drawings, inscriptions, and other obscene, but not time. But the clock in the first place are just for show time. This effect is called "Blind dial". After some time, you may want to change the hours and it will cause a blind dial. Tip: a glance at the clock, you should immediately realize how much time. If not, then you buy no clock, but rather just a piece of furniture. Look for a piece of furniture plus hours in one! Recommend a good watch with audible dial can, for example clock La-Vie. Rummage in the Internet, where you can find pictures of these hours. At these hours are used overhead volume numbers of bright silver color on black dial. It looks very impressive. Housing. Here fantasy producer knows no boundaries and we can not give any advice or recommendations. So, the choice depends on your interior, your taste, the taste of your family … Choose, but choose the light of the advice that they gave you above and you protect yourself against poor quality watches that will want to change not a very long time.

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