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by Brianna - February 8th, 2024.
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Swelling in the feet and ankles is common like stomach swelling. Among the most common causes of swelling is pass times prolonged standing or sitting, injuries in the foot, being overweight, age and some health problems influencing have high blood pressure. Swelling in the feet and ankles can be the direct result of excessive accumulation of fluids is known as peripheral edema or water retention. For this reason swelling is more evident in older people. This inflammation can be caused by complications in the veins of the legs. Sometimes, diseases that affect the whole body, such as diseases of the heart, liver or kidney failure, also can cause swelling of the ankles and feet. Other conditions, such as infections, blood clots, Burns, insect bites and malnutrition can cause swelling in the feet and ankles.

In addition, pregnancy is a common cause of swelling of extremities lower, such as hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. These hormones often found in larger amounts on medicines used for birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Medications can also cause swelling of the ankles. Steroids, medicines for hypertension and Antidepressants can cause swelling. The obstruction of the lymphatic system, a blockage of the lymph nodes in the legs, can also lead to inflammation, like excessive veins varicose veins. To prevent the swelling should be avoided stay sitting or standing. People should avoid tight-fitting clothing or things such as leagues or straps around the thighs.

The blood flow with wearing comfortable clothing and exercise of legs can stimulate wherever possible. To relieve pain in the foot and ankle, legs over the heart you must raise while lying. This will help to reduce the accumulation of liquid and helps the heart pumping blood from the lower limbs. Among the remedies for swelling, it is eating a diet low in salt and processed foods, portion of consumed fruits and vegetables must be high and consumption of grains should be essential. Drink plenty of water to help remove toxins from the body and exercising regularly original author and source of the article

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