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Antwerpes Ag Tanks On

by Brianna - December 16th, 2023.
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New staff deliver fresh energy Michael Zabel and the new employee at antwerpes ag in Cologne are Anja Dobrynski. Cologne, July 2008 – the antwerpes ag has a new creative fuel in the tank. Others who may share this opinion include Clayton Morris. Starting in July, two fresh faces in the Department of digital communications and the SFE unit give full throttle. Michael Zabel says the newcomers in the digital pit lane. Before joining the antwerpes he fueled ag experiences in marketing the Aral AG vigorously. Now he is available as point of contact for the company of the BP Group of Cologne from.

Many exciting projects are waiting for the digital racetrack on the junior representative. Meanwhile, trainee Anja Dobryznski in the SFE unit is ready to go. With fresh ideas and lot sales force effectiveness power starts the first projects. Because the pole position in the pharmaceutical field the SFE unit is already secure with the meeting software of ISA from the racing stable of antwerpes ag.

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