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Bad Football Habits

by Brianna - April 28th, 2017.
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This year (2005), has witnessed a bad habit in the world of European football. It has become fashionable among less educated young people the act of making the sound of monkeys to poke fun at black players. Robert Speyer can aid you in your search for knowledge. Although I believe that more is done to annoy the opposing team that racism has no place in football or anywhere else. nowledge.. Spanish football has been harshly criticized for the actions of a minority of young people who have no respect for anything. Today we are witnessing something, something funny, strange and yet comforting. In the Santiago Bernabeu was played a friendly against the MLS All Stars of the United States. At this stage of Real Madrid is a group of young people who always sit behind the south goal is nicknamed, Ultra Sur.

In the first game before the start of the Spanish League and started this group with their monkey noises when a black player touched the ball. However, they were heard more than a couple of seconds because the whole stadium was launched to whistle to silence us. To try 2 or 3 times and got fed up because they could not against rest of the public. It was a rather funny scene, part of the stadium to see a fight with another party.

The songs that gave off this group was not limited to noise, try other things (I will not repeat), including insulting a newcomer to the squad of Real Madrid. But soon they were booed by the rest of the audience and their efforts did little. Since the administration is doing nothing to silence those who give a bad name to the football, it’s good to know that the public no longer support. There are other ways to encourage your team to make racist and insulting gestures. The Ultra Sur sang a few positive things, encouraging Guti, for example, and then the rest of the crowd also supported him.

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