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Police Buildings

by Brianna - September 10th, 2018

Almost all of them were built in the early 20th century, after the restoration looks very good, but in the restructuring were not made the necessary engineering work to improve the stability in the event of an earthquake. With the acquisition of such buildings should first pay attention to the fact that reconstruction was implemented after 2007 and it officially endorsed and approved the action to increase the strength. Time 1971-1987 years. Differed primarily those that were built multi-storey panel buildings in the cities, we have received the name "Khrushchev," and the archaic houses in the villages. From an aesthetic point of view of panel buildings can not cause any sympathy. But reliability and security they are also in serious doubt, as the concrete that they used was not the best quality and already began to come into disrepair. Most of them have not been subjected to major repair and examination of 30-40 years. Moreover, in the 90s in most of them had made a reconstruction and rebuilding without any engineering approvals and payments.

All this puts their safety on a par with the previous time and no harm will often think before buying anything like that. Village houses in actually very slightly different from the previous time, which of course does not increase the consumer mood. The last decade of the 20th century. What and how were erected during this period, it is not verifiable. In this regard, buy some property in Bulgaria, built in this period by no means impossible, unless of course you do not want to play "Russian roulette" in Bulgaria.

On a civilized market Bulgarian property is permissible to argue only against the buildings erected in the 21st century. In fact, only in this period were performed regulations adopted in 1987, which provided the necessary level of safety and reliability of structures and buildings, although even then responsible for building the structure carrying entities, which are often completed its production activities or other reasons. For these houses you will always have the opportunity to ask for the approved project with an indication of the strength of buildings. Real earthquake resistant houses were built in the country only after 2007 and possibly buy them without serious misgivings. Due This was primarily because design engineer was held personally liable for any facility. It is important that documents all phases of construction must be stored and tested in district administration. Of course, this applies only to the stability of structures of buildings, exterior and interior trim control is not covered. Currently, the Bulgarian parliament is actively discussing further enhance personal responsibility of designers, builders and supervisors, as individuals, with the seismic resistance of buildings and tightening of the provisions of the construction of the Bulgarian real estate. We consider even the introduction of Police building. Perhaps the new legal regulations will operate in 2012-2013. That will bring the Bulgarian construction industry at the European level of reliability, but at the same time it's hello to an increase Bulgarian real estate construction costs by 30 percent or more.

Bank VTB

by Brianna - September 9th, 2018

Bank "VTB-24 '(closed joint stock company) is one of the largest banks in Russia, the prevailing direction – is to work with IP, small businesses and citizens. Bank based out of offices sad memorable bankrupt 'Guta-Bank', which was ruined by the crisis of interbank payments in 2004 and was bought by the VTB Group. The following year bought the asset has been renamed to VTB-24. General shareholder – Bank VTB. Which owns nearly 99% stake in VTB-24. A leading source for info: Professor Rita McGrath. The authorized capital of VTB 24 is almost 50 billion rubles. Branch network includes nearly 500 offices in 69 regions of Russia, including 9 branches in major Russian cities. The number of employees exceeds 17 thousand people.

The number of private trustees of the bank exceeds the number at 5 million. Basic services VTB24 – are deposits, mortgages, online banking services in the field of investment, CSC for businesses, leasing, remittances Western Union, Anelik and VTB-24-Sprint. An interesting proposal VTB 24 – a release of credit cards. Basic systems – it's 'MasterCard' and 'Visa', and 'Diners Club'. The total number of cards that are available for clients VTB 24 has more than 6 million units. In one of VTB24 the largest in the Russian Federation, the ATM network, it has approximately 4 thousand units. Structure of assets of VTB 24. 60% – a portfolio of loans, 1 / 4 loans of banks.

About 5% – it's debt of Russian and foreign issuers. The structure of the net liabilities of the bank VTB 24. Approximately 55% are retail deposits, 10% – is the balance on the accounts of private individuals and entrepreneurs, another 5 percent – a balance of payment and cash accounts. In the list of credit institutions of the Russian Federation, at the beginning of August 2010 the bank VTB 24 has a high 6th place, with countable assets of about 820 billion rubles. Also VTB24 takes 2nd place in the number of money borrowed from private individuals, region of 520 billion rubles. The supervisory board of bank VTB 24 includes: H. Moos, O. Dergunova, Andrew Tufts and CEO Andrei Kostin. Net assets VTB24 Russian Accounting System Buch, at the beginning of January 2010 amounted to 707 billion rubles. From of which to own assets include 97 billion rubles. VTB-24 is an active member of Deposit Insurance. Registration number of the Central Bank of Russia 1623.

Citys Architecture

by Brianna - September 7th, 2018

Fences, paving slabs, paving and curb the elements of harmony in the world. Click John Savignano to learn more. Some audacious name in the text, right? But you wait, it may very well be that the name has every right to exist. Yet surprisingly easy We are getting used to a useful and solid things – about whatever was discussed, from food and clothing to radios, and housing. Experts confirm that in all that relates to convenience and comfort in the home life of our fellow citizens for Several years have gone, which in other stretches for generations. More recently, we heartily cheered when given, say, an opportunity to build his house. And relegated darling during the construction of one hundred percent. and monuments of this latitude of the soul are all over the country huge frightening cottages of red brick – representing a clear example of violation of all possible architectural styles.

Or rather – the absolute lack of knowledge about the styles and their compatibility in general. In addition to the red brick of the most advanced customer chooses foam blocks – as the highest level of building courage. But, as already mentioned, we are taught very quickly, and for good in our getting used to life more quickly. Pensioners on the bench at the entrance until recently enjoyed the new asphalt on the sidewalk – grandson a bicycle no longer fly in the permanent pits and potholes. And today they have the sense and plainly argue that the asphalt is certainly good, but the general view of the courtyard is not very harmonious. Ought to be, say, something interesting.

Sochi Building Boom

by Brianna - September 7th, 2018

Many people like to plan your vacation in advance. In the months before this grace period, we begin to dream of distant cities and countries. Sometimes it is well known to us the place, and sometimes pulls us into the unknown and want to new experiences! Returning from another trip, we rush to the computer, pull out the camera in a hurry or the camera and viewing the captured footage, re-living experiences, which gave us rest. We tried show it to all your friends to introduce them to our joy flown away. At the same time, we almost never think what wonders surround us at home.

Let's invite to visit the most beloved friend or girlfriend! Although be mentally … And try to show our resort town so that they fell in love with him as we love him. Perhaps in these days we do know his little closer to home, and make a lot of pleasant discoveries for themselves. Exciting tour of the city-resort begins with the first minutes of arrival. If you arrive by plane, Adler airport just win you the beauty of the surrounding mountains covered with greenery. Surprise caps eternal snow on distant peaks. Drink and intoxicate the sea air. Train station of Sochi – the card of the city.

There you will be offered all at once. And a taxi anywhere in the city, and tours, and the rooms and apartments in the private sector for every taste and budget. For first acquaintance with the city you can walk from the train station to the sea. If you have been before in this city, you will immediately notice the change. Construction in Sochi is on practically every corner. Many wealthy Muscovites and St. Petersburg people tend to buy real estate in Sochi. All Olympic venues are being built in Krasnaya Polyana and in Imeritinskoy valley, but building boom took all the big Sochi.

New Kakhovka Apartment

by Brianna - September 5th, 2018

Apartments in New Kakhovka – feel right at home. For various reasons in a person's life can be a situation where the place for the night he does not have, and at night have somewhere to stay and spend the night. Optimal the decision for him in such a situation would be to rent an apartment for a day in New Kakhovka. And if you were in our town, and you need an apartment for rent in New Kakhovka, we can help you. We are ready to rent out any options for rent – We have apartments in New Kakhovka with different levels of comfort and in different areas. You choose the option that will have you in mind.

You have decided to find a safe place – then you should carefully consider what options apartment, you want to remove, you will arrange. Decide looking for an agency that can help you find an apartment to suit your needs. On examination of the proposed flats, check the technical condition bathrooms. Anyone who wants to rent an apartment, it seeks to make cosmetic repairs before its surrender. But the repair of toilets at the same time can pro ignored, and you in turn get a pig in a poke. You visiting on a business trip and you start to wonder: where are now, where I stay? It is easy to get confused, because the city chuzhoy.Mozhno, of course, and a hotel – that's only recently people started to give more preference is not a boring hotel rooms and rented apartments with their familiar home environment. They do so for different reasons. They do not like to obey the rules established in hotels, want more space and freedom of movement, to feel not a guest and host, and hence the most to decide when and how to host visitors.

And all these opportunities it will provide exactly the choice of rented Apartments posutochno.I here, you're going to New Kakhovka. And looking for just such an option rented apartments in New Kakhovka. On our site you will see many different apartments, furnished and comfortable that we can put into hire you. Suffice it to call and book one of them. We offer different price and comfortable apartments, and you certainly will find the option closest to you and in the area of the city in which you want to to stay.

Home Gyms

by Brianna - September 2nd, 2018

It is also worth noting that a healthy lifestyle ensures a good mood and flow of life energy. Having developed a clear scheme of classes, you can enjoy the results in the coming weeks. For those who do not have enough time to attend sports and health centers, where a set of exercises and stress will help you choose an experienced professional, there is a wide range of fitness equipment. Sport and power for individual muscle groups and professional – you can choose for themselves, any simulator that are ideal for all sorts of exercises. It is that your forms are far from perfect, the permanent occupation at home simulator will help achieve the desired result, which should be strengthened by subsequent workouts, but with a smaller load, as well as in smaller numbers. Choosing fitness equipment for home, you should decide to what exactly you would like to buy it: whether you want to increase muscle mass, or throw a few extra pounds, to support the physical shape or improve vitality.

Strength Training will help you consolidate virtually all of the leg muscles, pumped press, to improve upper body. Professor Rita McGrath is open to suggestions. Catching up on them, you'll easily be able to perform entire sets of exercises, involving the major muscle groups. Professional trainers are usually adapted to specific strength exercises, which in turn train the special muscles. Similar shells used by those who are seriously engaged in sports, and for whom muscle mass is a priority. In to strengthen muscles of the chest are ideal fitness trainers, with a different angle bench, that creates some stress for someone who trains in this shell. Simulators for each muscle group, workers, such as bench press and squats, have a local use. In this case, for the home exerciser suitable design, complete that there are elements with which you'll have conduct comprehensive exercises, evenly attaching all muscle groups. Trainers series Favorit good for workouts at home. Compactness, the ability to man up bought a fitness trainer, huge selection accessories – all spoke about the benefits of the sports projectile, which has obvious benefits. Observing certain rules, and do not hesitate to exercise the next time you are just able to lose weight, step by step bringing the figure up to the ideal. Not everything can be compared with the feeling that you were able to achieve this goal alone.

New Real Estate In Montenegro

by Brianna - September 2nd, 2018

Having property in Budva in Montenegro, you can easily visit neighboring countries, of whose beauty and attractions says the entire planet: Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia. Thanks to the Sea adjacent to Italy, Montenegro pleased fans and lovers of shopping. This Italian clothing from popular brands are 3-4 times cheaper than Moscow prices. John Savignano may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Accommodation from agentsva 'Asko-Invest' interest in that include both luxury apartments, with beautiful soft furnishings, cinema, car park, split-systems, as well as completely new, just built apartments. The company "ASKO-INVEST" specializes in the sale and registration of real estate in Montenegro for 8 years. The company has two offices in Moscow and Chernogorii.Kazhduyu week for our clients organize sightseeing flights to Montenegro to see exclusive properties in Budva.

Estate Agency offers the most attractive options for real estate in Montenegro at the best tsenam.Elitnye apartments and homes in the most ancient and beautiful city of the Adriatic coast – Budva. Budva Riviera is a major Montenegro tourist center, which attracts travelers and tourists from all over Europe. In Budva, very often there are concerts of world pop stars Madonna, Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin and many other celebrities. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, scenic beauty and clear sea Budva has become a popular destination not only for tourism but also for housing. Budva – Montenegro, the heart, the center of a variety of entertainment, chic restaurants, trendy nightclubs and cafes.

Study Education

by Brianna - September 1st, 2018

Independent enjoy a higher social recognition as employees, but also more stress / concerns prior to establishing corporate Dusseldorf mostly unfounded, June 22, 2011 the step into independence as an ego booster? This works, because every second German (51 percent) acknowledges more social than employees self-employed (23%). This is the study of perspective independence 2011 “the Iceman out frozen food home service GmbH. The Institute surveyed research now about 1200 men and women of working age in the ten largest German cities as well as in Dresden and Leipzig. The status was assessed by employees and the self-employed in professional satisfaction, stress factor, merit, quality of life and social recognition. Total self-employed professional satisfaction, income and social recognition criteria fared better. On the stress factor is estimated to the lives of employees, however, as better. At the Quality of life both models are available immediately. However, many workers shy away from still the step towards independence.

It is shown that most of the concerns which were independent before, proved in hindsight as unfounded. Eismann asked in his study, which concerns were entrepreneurs before the independence and whether they were entitled. Before the start, 40 percent of respondents feared the financial risk and worried about the initial capital. Two-thirds (68 percent), this concern proved to be in hindsight as unfounded. A resistant problem area concerns for retirement seem to be: two-thirds of those surveyed had this concern prior to establishing and including the now independent two-thirds that’s why worry. To have only every tenth person feared prior to establishing the right business idea (11 per cent). And these doubts were unfounded, saying 94 percent of those who have actually established.

Credit Policy on Housing

by Brianna - September 1st, 2018

In the framework of the rules on housing policy, sets a series of requirements necessary to properly process the credit for financing of purchase of main housing with resources from the system of housing policy. So the mortgage is obtained without delay and with the greatest possibility of approval, we must follow a few steps to achieve the purchase of our home. It is important to note that the documentation to submit, concerning personal data, income of applicants, documentation of the property to buy and sellers personal data, must be complete and submitted in the period that set the technical standard for the application of credits for the financing of housing. Procedure in the field of housing policy: determine the maximum amount of funding: for the purposes of the provisions in the field of housing policy, the credit will be determined by income to declare the family group. Being the maximum income to qualify for the loan, monthly income not superiors to Bs. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard LeFrak is the place to go. 7,000. For the calculation of the financing of housing policy is considered the full income and not the Basic, consisting of salary more all additional: commissions, hours extras, vacation bonus, utilities, etc. For an income of Bs.

7,000, housing policy establishes a credit of Bs. 271.858,80 with a fee to pay monthly 30% of income, i.e. Bs. 2,100 a term of 30 years and 8.55% annual interest. It is step is fundamental, since depending on our capacity to pay, the housing policy will set a maximum of financing. Once determined the maximum number of funding, we will have an idea of the price of the House can decide which. To this amount, add the savings that we have to buy the property, if the maximum loan is insufficient. Selection of the real estate to buy: because having the maximum amount of which will be for the purchase of housing, shall proceed to look for good property that suits our possibilities., either through real estate, notices in press, pages specializing in internet, recommendations from friends, relatives or colleagues, etc.

Loan Expectations

by Brianna - September 1st, 2018

About how banks account for revenues and expenditures, we talked about earlier. Now let's calculate what you can expect and what needs to be a borrower to purchase an apartment. So to speak, as an example sort out the situation. Inputs: A family of 3 persons planning to purchase a one bedroom apartment. Spouses work, the child goes to kindergarten.

Requirements for an apartment: 2-bedroom apartment in a modern house floors from 10 floors with an area of 55 sq.m. rooms are separate. The house is located in one of the sleeping areas of the city today. There is a minimum initial deposit. Term, which will take out a loan is 20 years (240 months). Interest rate – 13,5% apr.

Assume that the events take place in Krasnodar in the summer of 2008. In general, the situation still looms classic. To date, the average cost of housing in Krasnodar is 57 000 rubles per sq. m. Thus, the cost of their desired apartment will be 55kv.m. * 57 000rub .= 3,135,000 rubles. Downpayment – 10%, ie 3135000 * 10% = 313 500 rubles. Required loan amount – 3 135 000-313 500 = 2 822 000 rubles. Necessary expenses from their own savings associated with the acquisition of apartment: Downpayment – 10% (313,500 rubles). Insurance – 1.5% of the loan amount increased by 10% (2,822,000 +10%) * 1.5% = 46,563 rubles, the bank Commission – 1% loan amount (28,220 rubles) Assessment of apartments – 4,500 rubles Gos.poshliny – 1 000 rubles calculates the size of the aggregate family income required to obtain this loan. Here's the formula annuity payment, which is used by all banks. Monthly annuity payment = neo * ((PR/12) / (1 – (1 + Pr/12) – (R))) Where: neo – the remainder of the loan amount to The estimated date (in U.S. dollar / ruble), Pr – the annual interest rate, R – the number of full annuity period until the final repayment. According to this formula, the monthly annuity payment for necessary credit will be 34,072 rubles. With allowance for the fact that the bank expects loans so that monthly payments did not exceed 50% of monthly income, net family income must be 68,144 rubles. But this is not everything. To this sum must be added the cost of maintaining the family, and this is about 11,000 rubles. Summing up: So, a family of three people who do not have any additional obligations and expenditures, wishing to purchase 2 room apartment of 55 sq.m. worth 3,135,000 rubles in the sleeping area of Krasnodar, you must have: total income for a family of at least 79,000 rubles. Own the accumulation of at least 393,783 rubles. In these calculations do not take into account the commission of Realtors, which usually amounts to 3-5% of the purchase price. I think that this example will help you clearly and correctly assess their strength and opportunities for getting a mortgage.