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Russian Regulations

by Brianna - July 1st, 2017

Unfortunately, the domestic construction industry is often the case situation is that after the official commissioning of the object where there is room to do something. " We have to re-perestilat floors, change the wiring, plastering walls, etc. Marriage becoming one of the most important industry issues. The fight with him – in the interests of each developer, in any case, those who care about their reputation. Not a single SNiPs At present, among many builders There is The view that domestic building construction regulations are outdated and no longer valid. As a consequence, increasing disregard for these regulations in the process of erecting buildings. This fact is noted and a leading specialist service state construction supervision and examination of St. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller. Petersburg Sergei Konoplev.

"If you hear from someone that the construction regulations are outdated, do not trust him – he says. – Russian standards meet the highest international standards, but sorry that is not always respected. " Scale of the problem demonstrated by the results of a recently erected check in the capital of prefabricated houses. Thus, during its 293 violations were found requirements for construction and installation work and found many other errors. It should be noted that this test was only carried out for new buildings that are erected within the municipal order. Similar information on commercial real estate sector, but there are all grounds to assume that the cases there are no better. In any case, for marriage now is all that does not meet the specifications described in snip.

Buying Property Online

by Brianna - June 30th, 2017

The purpose of purchasing houses third factor, strongly influencing your choice – this is the purpose of purchase. It must be formed in advance, otherwise you can not have a criterion for evaluation, and will not be able to make the right choice. As I mentioned, the purpose may be quite different: – investment in order to profit from future sales when property prices rise – investments to renovate a property with a subsequent sale – a summer resort with rent in the remainder of the summer time – a summer holiday without a lease – to settle their parents in retirement – to establish a business, combined with a place to stay – to organize a summer place for the creative get-togethers with accommodation – most live in retirement, to which not so far – to create a base for business activity in Europe that was the place where to live and where to come for a couple of months, not bothering to life in hotels – to establish a family estate, inherited, as in our Russian antiquity – to create ecological settlement of like-minded, closed with a microcosm of an ideal relationship – a modern farm or ranch with the traditional annual competition cowboys or role-playing games outdoors – to create a tourist paradise with a micro-small corner of heaven for yourself – follow the urge (or fashion) on Downshifting, throw the entire Russian urbanism and privacy in traditional Orthodox outback (which has even more ancient tradition than in Kiev or Moscow), in order to save themselves and their children – to create “Indian settlement”, without spending too much money, but by implementing all the children’s Native American dream: to ride on horseback to hunt wild boar with a bow and arrows, gathering medicinal herbs in unspoilt locations, etc.

Business Ideas

by Brianna - June 29th, 2017

Who not is has there been any time an idea for a business? In a dinner with friends or lying on the sofa, many times, like lightning, an idea illuminates us, we lifted our site and, vanishes as quickly as it arrived,. Perhaps because it seems absurd to us, or because we do not know how to take it or simply because it would be too expensive to carry out. So finally we leave it, we continue watching TV or change the conversation to the taunts of other diners. However, to do a little search online, we would give us account the amount of business that are apparently based on stupid ideas. How can someone win millions selling goggles diving for dogs or collecting money by sending mails becoming pass by Santa Claus and that boys and girls of the world do not lose faith in the endearing chubbly? Well, oddly enough, there are those who have succeeded. We have put two of business ideas, but we could put more of all kinds.

From the canonical up the more irreverent, like those already mentioned. All have a place if there is desire to carry them out. Of course, will tell someone, why not you speak of all those ideas that have not worked, of all those businesses which have to close? Agree, we could make it, and the first thing we would say is that they tried. Those entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs who took a step to the front and decided to bet on your idea, although in the end it is not as they thought, tried, put all his effort and anyone can remove them the experience and enjoyed time doing what they wanted. We are not saying that we throw to the pool by any idea that passes through the head, whatever it takes. But many times, businesses that would not be economically very onerous to carry out fall into oblivion by apathy, simply for fear or because another will already do so. Measure risks, make sure that the idea is worth, but never to reject it the first opportunity because they think it will not work, because that probably is make mistake.

Transport Infrastructure and Real Estate

by Brianna - June 25th, 2017

The third tier – the Leningrad area (roughly corresponds to the average). Other directions – significantly below the average value from 140 to 100 rubles per one hundred square meters. High rates of "Western" areas largely depend on the historical popularity of these areas. A favorable wind rose, the absence of harmful plants, pine woods, is not tainted Dumping of urban rivers and the general development infrastructure make this area really attractive. Status of land situated in the west suburbs, is fixed and realtors. So "starodachnoe" past and present merge them together, creating popularity of these places with a fair amount of unhealthy excitement. Extremely uneven, until recently, the development of suburban areas has become one of the reasons for the huge price spread on the plots. In recent years, developers and buyers began to notice not previously popular destinations.

Most often of interest to some places there is in process of development of transport infrastructure. For example, the reconstruction of the Kiev highway greatly increased interest in the proposals in this direction. Promote the growth of suburban housing prices and great transformation taking place at the Yaroslavl highway. Consequently, the availability of infrastructure and Communications – one of the most important criteria that explain the value of the land. It is worth noting that the prestige of the directions due to the social situation of people living there. Today, people tend to cost-of-town housing among equals status, financial status, occupation – in other words, in a comfortable social setting.

Tax Code

by Brianna - June 22nd, 2017

Only now it is not 5000 the minimum wage, and 600 thousand rubles. This privilege is granted on the date of registration of title ownership of the residential facility. It should be remembered that to obtain this benefit you must submit to the tax authorities not only proof of your ownership, but the payment document confirming the payment of cash (receipts for pay-in slips, bank statements on the transfer of funds from the account of the buyer to the seller, commodity and cash checks, and other documents). Therefore, in the case buying an apartment in the home-care store newly issued vouchers to you. It’s believed that Greenberg Traurig sees a great future in this idea. If the apartment is sold in fractional or joint ownership of the amount of benefits distributed among the owners in according to shares owned or pursuant to a written statement of the latter (in case there is a common joint ownership). In addition, now cleared three-year restriction of privileges.

Until is exhausted the entire amount within the specified in the law rates, income tax you will be charged. If you purchased an apartment, $ 400 thousand, 200 thousand, respectively, you have left. The remaining amount you are entitled to deduct from their taxable base when buying your next new home, no matter over what period of time it occurs. And on this note because the privilege of exemption from income tax referred to as property tax deduction is available only once, reuse it to provide the Tax Code are not allowed. In real estate practice is most common cases where both sell the old apartment and purchased a new one.

Altufevo Savelovskaya

by Brianna - June 22nd, 2017

But generally offer flats or expensive, or not where it is necessary. And publish the coupons can be a day per phone. And so we’ll guide you a) buy as many coupons b) We ring all his friends, relatives, colleagues, friends and ask for permission place an ad on their phone. Desirable that mobile phones were, since missed a call, you can lose a great option. c) Fill in the coupons of different texts, but with the parameters of the desired apartment. Its parameters You can embellish. For example, in one write what you banker, Russian, from Moscow, with his wife, without children and animals, and another businessman – to withdraw their elderly parents’ apartment in a decent area. d) Share coupons with different phone numbers into two parts. One you’ll post in one day, others in another. One phone, two days in a row can not serve ads. e) Go to the nearest collection point for the coupons and throws blanks in a special box. Everything. 4-5 days will see your ads and owners will offer you my apartment. A small summary:

The test I used the 1920 phones, throw in a drawer for 10 coupons per day for 5 days. Result: Costs – 350r. (Remember: Commission agent from the U.S. $ 350). Call – 28 (I think only those who offered an apartment in the right area for a reasonable price). You decide to use this method or not. In the meantime, turn to the second method: Method number 2 posting ads. Method a little more complicated. But I brought it to perfection, so you can quickly (1-3 days) to find a very cheap apartment in the right area, at a cost of 300 rubles. When it comes to posting, just seems bag stuffed with leaves, clothes and hands in glue, a long hike around the houses in the frost or scorching heat. And a huge number of ‘competitors’ of the agencies, constantly disrupting your work No. It’s not for us. We need easier. Then, step by step instructions. a) Going to the nearest print shop and order a small stamp or seal, with the text ‘renting a flat for himself’ (no longer fit) and your phone. b) On the way to and from work stop at all bus stops, subway stations, in fences, etc. where have pasted ads. c) Put as many prints. d) receiving calls from the owners. Summarize: with the press drove from Altufevo to 3 hours. Rubber-stamped everything where it was just a little space. When away aside, that would evaluate their work – I was horrified. My ad is only a blind man would notice. People – curious, is suitable – read. First apartment looked the same evening.

Calls were pieces 20. Options rather cheap. Even for 200ue offered in the settlement of the North. Method number three Boards. Simple way, but a lot of ads on these portals leave the same agency or private realtors, even on sites with paid access to the ads. But all also, there are sites where the free, where a much more frequent ads from private owners. The best in this respect, in my opinion, the site Within an hour I found 3 suitable options, taking into account the location and price. In two options were still agents of what transpired during a telephone conversation. Went to the third – a decent, affordable apartment. Lovely lady, absolutely not willing to work with agents (!). Summary is: Cost – 0rub. (Used the Internet at work).

Rules of Tax Law

by Brianna - June 22nd, 2017

The study of guarantees includes the study of part of tax law that some assurances as the letter of guarantee is governed by certain rules of tax law. The study of guarantees includes the study of the customs law that in the customs rules governing the letter of guarantee as collateral to establish customs agencies. The study of the securities included in the study of part of administrative law that the rules of the State contracting and procurement is regulated in some cases the letter of guarantee. Hear from experts in the field like REBNY for a more varied view. The study of guarantees includes the study of certain provisions of the registry law that certain guarantees are recordable. Among them we can mention the mortgage and there are other guarantees are not registrable as an endorsement, the guarantee contract and the letter of guarantee. Therefore we can state that the securities are classified as registrable securities unregistered security.

7. DEFINITION In order to define the guarantees is necessary to clarify that the term security is broader than the security interests and personal guarantees, as securities are classified as collateral and personal guarantees. Hence it is necessary to clarify that the guarantees are the security measures adopted or select the lender in anticipation that the debtor’s obligation is fulfilled, can relate to the security at a security right, contract, registration or other security provided in the positive law of each State. Therefore we can say that the guarantee only becomes effective when the debtor fails to fulfill its obligation within the agreed period.

The Right To Equal Education

by Brianna - June 21st, 2017

The most accurate way of measuring the quality of a society is its concept of inalienable human rights and above all, respect the powers of those rights. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The LeFrak Organization on most websites. When more are guaranteed and respected in real life these rights, the more they advance in Liberty and Justice. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted on December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, states: "This Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations should strive to so that both individuals and society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms, and, by progressive measures, national and international recognition and universal and effective both among the peoples of member states and between the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction. "In Article 1 provides:" All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. "In Article 2 specifies:" 1.

Everyone has all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. " In Article 3 makes clear: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." In Article 26 states: "Everyone has the right to education. Education should be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. The Technical and professional education shall be made generally available to higher education will be equal for all on the basis of merit.

In Cyprus

by Brianna - June 19th, 2017

Paphos and the village around it, with good infrastructure, surrounded by orchards, vineyards, olive and citrus groves. Here, the most clear sea, as there is no port of Paphos and large industry. Climate with warm sea air is very beneficial for people suffering from lung diseases. Cyprus has a majority of allergens that exist in Russia. Many people living in Cyprus, separated from their chronic diseases. Southwest Islands, where there is pathos, has a more mild climate than other parts of Cyprus. Winters are warmer and cooler in summer. The only place where there are banana plantations – a suburb of Paphos.

Amazing coastline with fabulous bays and sandy beaches, swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean delight residents and visitors alike. Approximately 20 minutes drive from Paphos to north-west coast of the island are Polis and Latchi, which have some special provincial way of life, detachment from the hustle and bustle of the tourist in Cyprus. Quiet, cozy beaches, the best fish tavernas in Cyprus deliciously beautiful bay will please you every day during your stay in Cyprus. District Policy. Shady city located in extreme eastern point of Cyprus. For even more details, read what The LeFrak Organization says on the issue.

Once it was the seat of ancient Cyprus kingdom of Marion (Marion). Nearby is the Akamas National Park (Akamas), in the vast territory of which survived a wild untouched nature and archaeological remains of the city of Marion. This area has great potential, due to its proximity to vast areas of untouched natural beauty. Akamas Peninsula – a unique nature reserve. Number of plant species in the Akamas is 600, of which 35 are unique to the peninsula. Variety of wildlife is also impressive: 168 birds, 12 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles. Landscape that opens before the eyes of tourists, is striking in its beauty. In the area of Akamas reserve from one year to sail Representatives disappear from the face of the earth species of marine turtles to lay eggs in the warm sand of the beach Lara Beach. The minimum level of crime in Paphos – it's the reality. Cars do not have alarm virtually no street crime. Cost of living in Paphos is lower than on the island. For golf enthusiasts in Paphos are 3 clubs – Secret Valley, Ttsada, Aphrodite Hills, all of them conform to international standards. Near the golf club is selling villas and apartments. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. In the coming years will be built golf club adjacent to the village of Geroskipou. In Cyprus, decided to build 10 km from Paphos, in the vicinity of Coral Bay, an elite Yacht Club 1000 Yacht with the appropriate infrastructure. In Paphos there is a Russian school, 2 international schools with tuition in English, set Cyprus (Greek) schools. After leaving school certificate is issued state sample. In Paphos, you will notice the wide dissemination of the Russian language. Russian newspapers, radio, Russian-speaking staff in every office, shop, restaurant. In Paphos there is a public health service, a sufficiently high level, and private clinics

Four Seasons Hotel

by Brianna - June 19th, 2017

SINGAPORE – (Marketwire – January 27, 2010) – Even paradise has its best places and the beach at Anse Petite Bay on Mahe Island in Seychelles is one of them. Nobel Laureate in Economics may help you with your research. It is no surprise that Four Seasons will operate its new hotel on the island. The Four Seasons manages several of the most sought after resorts, with the hotel in the Seychelles among the most extraordinary. Overlooking the vibrant turquoise Indian Ocean, the resort contains a wealth of unsurpassed natural beauty. Here, HBA Singapore created a design that makes the most perfect relaxation destination on Earth even more attractive. "We wanted the design to make guests feel as an integral part of the lush vegetation, as well as the elements of the sea, stone and sky that characterize the island," says Connie Puar, HBA Director in Singapore. The resort rises from sea level with a steep slope of granite, rising to the top of the building with Spa, located on a high hill. Every public space match the sensitivity of its environment related level or so, the Beach Club is fun, consists of found objects, pieces of rough wood bleached by the sun, furniture stones heavier and rougher.

Guests at the Four Seasons Seychelles enjoy a refreshing atmosphere of luxury, something not seen very often in five-star travel. The 67 villas and 26 private residences are true tree-houses, built into the dense green mountainside, surrounded by large leaves and birdsong. The villas high on stilts, placing guests in the middle of the giant bamboo, cinnamon trees and fragrant red-tipped wildflowers.