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Buderus Boilers

by Brianna - October 17th, 2020.
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Boilers G334 comes with a two-stage atmospheric burners, that provides the most cost-effective and energy-efficient plant operation. Opportunity to purchase two boilers with a common-collector output of flue gas for high efficiency due to the construction of one chimney, the most compact installation, easy maintenance and optimal location of all connections of the boiler. Features mounting domestic boilers Buderus heating equipment manufacturer offers all necessary means for protection and safety of the boiler, as well as quick assembly system. For even more opinions, read materials from Sheppard Mullin. These kits require a connection to the boiler heating circuit and the tank, water heater, expansion tank, as well as Complete pump groups to join the heat consumer. Application of these kits provide fast installation, high quality and reliability of all elements, as well as compactness and aesthetics. For hot water is used water tanks of various sizes, thickness and geometry: horizontal Logalux L 135-200 hp, vertical Logalux SU 160-500 hp, and Logalux ST 150 – 300 liter high-output and internal heat exchanger built-in "eternal" inert anode to protect tank from corrosion.

And the maximum compact design is achieved by installing the boiler in a horizontal tank, water heater. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vadim Belyaev by clicking through. Automation system for domestic boilers Buderus All boilers are equipped with automatic system Logamatic 2107 with weather-dependent regulation of the heating system, controlled single-stage burner and a heating circuit, DHW priority. The modular design allows the automatic system Buderus retrofitted regulator functional modules that allow to connect an additional circuit with mixer, to control two-stage burner (for boilers above 60 kW) and management of solar collectors.

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