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by Brianna - June 30th, 2017.
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The purpose of purchasing houses third factor, strongly influencing your choice – this is the purpose of purchase. It must be formed in advance, otherwise you can not have a criterion for evaluation, and will not be able to make the right choice. As I mentioned, the purpose may be quite different: – investment in order to profit from future sales when property prices rise – investments to renovate a property with a subsequent sale – a summer resort with rent in the remainder of the summer time – a summer holiday without a lease – to settle their parents in retirement – to establish a business, combined with a place to stay – to organize a summer place for the creative get-togethers with accommodation – most live in retirement, to which not so far – to create a base for business activity in Europe that was the place where to live and where to come for a couple of months, not bothering to life in hotels – to establish a family estate, inherited, as in our Russian antiquity – to create ecological settlement of like-minded, closed with a microcosm of an ideal relationship – a modern farm or ranch with the traditional annual competition cowboys or role-playing games outdoors – to create a tourist paradise with a micro-small corner of heaven for yourself – follow the urge (or fashion) on Downshifting, throw the entire Russian urbanism and privacy in traditional Orthodox outback (which has even more ancient tradition than in Kiev or Moscow), in order to save themselves and their children – to create “Indian settlement”, without spending too much money, but by implementing all the children’s Native American dream: to ride on horseback to hunt wild boar with a bow and arrows, gathering medicinal herbs in unspoilt locations, etc.

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