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by Brianna - April 6th, 2023.
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Stiftung Warentest has made time management advisor to the test. The title obtained the best score by Cordula Nussbaum. Munich/Sauerlach – average grade 1.7, and thus the pole position of the tested books received the book still organize or you already live? Time management for creative anarchists”Cordula Nussbaum in the latest test of Stiftung Warentest. In the test were twelve books on the subject of time management, published 2007 or 2008. “” Evaluation was in the categories’ content, design “and style”. “Inspiring and innovative reading book” inspiring and innovative textbook, entering very well on the strengths and weaknesses of creative anarchists”is the test result in the new Stiftung Warentest special career” (issue November 2009). “With twice very well” and the best compared to the note for the content * is the naughty book of famous time management expert at the top of all tested titles and becoming the winner.

It is particularly mentioned Anarchists book”in the article associated with the test, in which the testers describe their impressions of the individual books. Best cut off content with the title has organize you yet or you already live? Cordula Nussbaum. The testers write especially the unconventional approach and the fleet linguistic style, the author turns traditional time management methods and creative mess adapts to the target group , noticed the little else innovative offers”. “Great and practical range of exercises, techniques and tips” and further: only if a book well explains what are problems with time management and properly represents what strategies and techniques are useful reading really brings assistance for everyday life. nic Center for Functional Medicine. “” This support offer just half of the tested books: “Nussbaum book represents good comparatively many effective strategies and techniques and issues of time management.” The conclusion of the testers: “large and practical range of exercises, Techniques and tips”for many titles in the tester criticized the low level of innovation.

Here too, the book by Cordula Nussbaum could score again: exceptions are books by the authors of Cordula Nussbaum and Stephen Covey. While Walnut turns traditional time management methods in creative ways and presents its own strategies, Covey developed a distinctive approach and shows new dimensions of time management.” Stiftung Warentest Council: Creative anarchists is Cordula Nussbaum’s book a good tip. “(“(* Der Titel Ziele erreichen Zukunft gestalten) “received the same score for the contents) of Cordula Nussbaum: Cordula Nussbaum is one creative chaotic time management German expert number” (media coverage). Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and families Manager for many years appreciate Cordula Nussbaum’s fresh and creative approach to work with more fun, success and satisfaction. The expert for creative self known from TV and print and Enterprise management seminar participants discovered their talents on which they then built a powerful company, a successful (self -) marketing or a better handling of the time. Participants of their rousing lectures and seminars is experience themselves as valuable people, with corners and edges, whose now vacant Leidenschaft brings unexpected results. New solutions arise from this new self awareness”and a dash of creative thinking, bring fresh energy, time and money. Steffan Lehnhoff recognizes the significance of this. Following books are published by you (selection): hold still or you already live? “” Time management for creative anarchists”300 tips for more time” the comprehensive compendium on all issues relating to the time-management (GU) families everyday safely in the grip of time management Advisor for the private daily the 100 most common traps to start-ups “a company Advisor for young entrepreneurs and seasoned press contact: Cordula Walnut Bahnhofplatz 1 D – 82054 Sauerlach Tel. 0049 (0) 8104 62 93 43-0,

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