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Decoration Dresses

by Brianna - September 23rd, 2020.
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Developing the imagination, we will show the children the role of the line to create an image. Should be encouraged to draw what you like that surroundings, encourage initiative and independence. Since then, as in the practice of pre-school institutions is TRIZ, we can talk about some unusual and at the same time interesting how the image. One of the most interesting, colorful and creative ways is a monotype. Learn more at this site: Ken Weinstein. To solve this problem must have photo or any other (higher quality paper, the better the image), watercolor paints, soap, tooth brushes or brushes, water, glass or plastic plate. They can be any shape and size. Perhaps check out John Savignano for more information. Method of work: a glass (plastic) base with paint, water, soap, a brush or a toothbrush applied watercolor.

A sheet of paper superimposed on top and squeeze with your fingers, palm or sponge. On the resulting image can be dorisovat necessary details or leave a picture as is. Work made into a dried frame. Finger painting. Picture applied with your fingers (one or several), and palm. Paper is used any, painting – any. If you run palm, the paint is poured into a flat dish, and water – in the flat shore or in banks. Condition: each finger gaining a certain color.

Because of this, image is clear and bright. In the group of "Kids" finger painting is good to use for drawing on the theme: "Decoration Dresses," "Rabbit tracks", "Light in the windows," "Lit the lights on elkah", "It is snowing," "Fences," "Marijuana," "Flowers", etc. Draw a candle. You can draw on paper. After the images put a candle color ink. Figure shows a colored background. Drawing on a wet surface. On a wet piece of paper with your finger, thick brush, sponge or a toothbrush to make a drawing. When dry, make the necessary drawing details. This way you can paint on fabric.

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