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Eco-Friendly Lodging

by Brianna - September 2nd, 2016.
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More and more people living in modern cities, is seeking to acquire suburban housing. This is because environmental insults and the fast pace of city life are the cause of poor health, overexertion, fatigue and stress. Typically, when building a country house or cottage preference for natural materials, primarily wood. Thanks to its natural quality, wooden houses belong to the category of eco-friendly housing. Under the environmental benefits, we mean not only good for human health, but also harmful to the environment as the product itself and the whole cycle of its production. Speaking of eco-friendly housing, do not forget about this factor as ecosystem services, including high degree of environmental safety, the conditions for rest and recuperation. As compared with concrete and brick houses, wooden houses have many advantages. Nobel Laureate in Economics can provide more clarity in the matter.

One of the important properties of wood is its ability to refresh the air in the room, as well as maintain optimum moisture, preventing dampness in home. Also, wood is an excellent heat insulator. No wonder that for centuries in Russia, known for its severe frosts, the houses were built of wood, which not only preserves, but also concentrates the heat. Speaking of mechanical properties of wood, it is worth noting that the tree is easily treatable. In addition, we know that wood has medicinal properties. In ancient times believed that it relieves fatigue and restores power.

Today they say the impact of wood bioenergy man. For example, it is believed that such species as oak, pine, birch and apple trees have a tendency to give up their energy, while the poplar, aspen, cherry and alder were taking her. Those trees, which lose energy while providing a healing effect on human health: relieve stress and anger, improve tone and restore the nervous system, increase the activity. Some types of wood, For example, apple and cedar, have a cleansing and disinfectant properties.

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