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Europe Safari Park

by Brianna - October 24th, 2016.
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You used to always and everywhere be the first – in the company of friends in business, leisure, fun. You are active and adventurous. Your hobbies are popular among your friends. You definitely know about all the open ski resorts and infrastructure projects under construction world-class entertainment destination on Dmitrovskoye and confidently choose their lifestyle. Who refuses to come to rest in a beautiful chalet classic design with large windows and balconies, with a large fireplace, a sauna, with comfortable guest rooms and ultramodern decor? True, a house-style chalets will naturally look only in a scenic area with relief landscape and mountain streams and surrounded by their own kind of exquisite and simple, large and small two-storey houses. In Moscow suburbs such a rare sanctuary of nature, untouched country construction and manufacturing enterprises corner emerald valleys, hills and forests became Dmitrovskoye direction in the area of 40 kilometers from Moscow. It was here that on numerous operating year-round sports and entertainment resorts created ski paradise.

During the summer months – is a mecca for lovers of active recreation on bikes, horses, quads, paragliding, from golf clubs, fishing rods for fishing, bow and arrows for shooting sports. Very soon here will not have any analogues in Europe Safari Park with the largest territory of fantastic attractions for the whole family. Retaining the basic elements of a traditional alpine recognizable "house on the hillside, architects exclusive villa community at the Dmitrov highway near the popular ski resorts "Sorochany", having a rare picturesque suburbs relief landscape, embodied the idea of chamber village ultra-modern chalets for year-round recreation with its own recreational area and resort infrastructure.

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